Argan Oil Factory

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Nestled amidst the enchanting landscapes of the Agadir region, this factory exemplifies the delicate balance between tradition and innovation. Its architectural design seamlessly integrates with the surrounding natural elements, paying homage to the Argan tree's deep-rooted history. The warm hues of the building's exterior evoke a sense of earthiness, mirroring the rich tones found in the oil it produces.

Inside the factory, one can witness the intricate process of extracting precious oil from the argan nuts. Carefully selected nuts are meticulously cracked open by hand, revealing the precious kernels within. These kernels, known as the 'liquid gold' of Morocco, are then carefully ground and pressed to extract the valuable oil.

It embraces environmentally friendly methods, ensuring the preservation of the Argan tree and the ecosystem it supports. Locally sourced argan nuts are meticulously handpicked, promoting fair trade and providing economic opportunities for the region's Berber communities.

How to explore the Argan Oil Factory?

- Take a guided tour of the Argan oil factory to learn about the production process.

- Witness the traditional technique of hand-cracking argan nuts to extract the kernels.

- Observe the grinding and pressing of the kernels to extract the valuable Argan oil.

- Learn about the sustainable practices implemented by the factory to preserve the Argan tree and ecosystem.

- Discover the economic empowerment initiatives for women involved in the production of Argan oil.

- Explore the onsite store offering a variety of Argan oil products, including pure oil, cosmetics, and culinary delights.

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    2 hours

Address of Argan Oil Factory

28 Bis Boulevard Amir Abdelkader Almassira A Cote Café Mogador, Agadir 80000 Morocco

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