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While many people visit Alicante to enjoy the water and the other coastal villages, there are many indoor locations that are worthwhile exploring. One of them is the municipality of Guadalest, which is surrounded by walls and fortresses and has a water reservoir in its foothills. It is based in a valley surrounded by mountains. One of the most popular Spanish rural villages is Guadalest.

The location is excellent for spending endless amounts of time with your eyes open and is really quaint, despite occasionally being crowded. The town's surrounding mountains are breathtaking, the wildlife and flora are quite intriguing, and the marsh is accessible and safe for swimming.

How to explore Guadalest Valley?

  • The Muslim-built Castle of L'Alcazaiba, which was constructed in the eleventh century, is likely Guadalest's most famous landmark. The fortress often referred to as the Castle of Saint - Joseph, has undergone significant historical modifications. The primary portion of the castle that is still standing is the Alcala Tower.
  • Beautiful whitewashed homes decorated with flowers flank the route leading to the castle. Take pictures on this lovely road.
  • The town hall and some medieval prisons are located on this street, 'De la Pena.' Visit these areas to learn about the past of the town.
  • There are numerous small cobblestone lanes surrounding the main street, as well as numerous cafes and lounges that tempt you to eat lunch or dinner 'al fresco.' The majority of the stores and cafes are located in the quaint El Arrabal neighborhood of the city for you to go on a shopping spree.
  • Additionally, there is a circular hiking trail that departs from Beniardá and spans about 10 kilometers of level terrain. Only on foot is it possible to get to the oldest portion through a doorway carved out of the rock. The belfry of the church and the castle's ruins are placed majestically on the brink of the mountain at the top.
  • The Guadalest River has been dammed to create a reservoir, which is stunning to see from the settlement above. You may go on a boat tour to see Guadalest from a new perspective.

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