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This collector's apartment in the heart of Avignon encourages us to discover a distinctly French style with its furniture stamped Ellaume, Migeon, or Tuart, its rare collection of ceramics and tapestries, clocks, porcelain, chandeliers, and goldsmiths.

Along with the Decorative Arts of the 17th and 18th centuries, the Louis Vouland Museum exhibits its collection of Provence and Languedoc arts, with a focus on the new school of Avignon. Paintings and sketches are frequently pulled from the reserves to interact with works from other archives or contemporary works.

The castle opens to the south onto the garden, which is undergoing a renaissance after many ups and downs. The tiny museum encourages interactions!

To refresh visitors' sight, modern or contemporary pieces are included in the permanent collections. Chamber music concerts reverberate throughout the seasons, whether inside or outside.

The museum is often enlivened by visits, seminars, conferences, and readings. The team builds relationships with its patrons and partners; the Friends of the Louis Vouland Museum actively participate in the museum's life, and its volunteers provide ongoing assistance.

The entrance ticket permits you to explore the temporary exhibition, the former residence of decorative arts collector Louis Vouland, and the spectacular garden of the Vouland museum, which is set in an area of late-nineteenth-century homes.

Best things to see at Musee Louis Vouland:

Nearly 200 ceramic objects on permanent display illustrate the evolution of chinaware in Europe, its relations with the Far East, and the relationships between different porcelain centers in France, such as Rouen, Strasbourg, Nevers, Lyon, and, in particular, those in the south, Moustiers, Montpellier, and Marseille, their workshops, techniques, and decorations, through their diversity. Porcelain figures and artifacts from Vincennes, Sèvres, and Saxony offer elegance and value.

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Address of Musee Louis Vouland

17 rue Victor Hugo, 84000, Avignon, France

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