Gothic Quarter

The very centre of Barcelona is the Gothic Quarter, a charming neighbourhood with its recognisable, old-European streets and alleyways.

It combines historical treasures dating back to the time when Spain was ruled by the Romans and merges with a thriving contemporary culture of artisan stores and real food experiences.

Enthusiastic travellers will be delighted to see charming terraces and plazas that are alive with local musicians playing late into the night in the numerous tiny pubs. Portal de L'Angel, which is lined with well-known brand names and smaller boutique stalls, will attract fashionistas.

Things to do at the Gothic Quarter:

  • Discover Barcelona's Jewish History

El Call is the ost mesmerizing part of , Barcelona's former Jewish Quarter. This is among Barcelona's most congested streets, and they are also steeped in a sordid past that stretches back to the Middle Ages. In the middle of it all lies Sant Domenec del Call Street. The historic synagogue, a few wonderful eateries, taverns, cafés, and a charming small area for relaxation are all located here.

  • Tour Picasso's Former Neighborhood

Consider how a young Pablo Picasso could have viewed the hip stores as you explore them. Picasso was only a teenager when he arrived in Barcelona and was granted admission to the former Calle Avinyó Fine Arts School. Back then, the Gothic Quarter was a bustling street with dubious morality, which subsequently served as inspiration for some of his work.

  • Check Out Gaudi's First Project

Antonio Gaudi, a well-known Catalan architect, also spent some time in Barcelona's Gothic Quarter. The street lighting of Plaça Reial, one of Barcelona's most impressive squares, was one of his very first projects after graduation. As soon as you see them, you can't help but recognize them as Gaudi's iconic creations.

  • Celebrate Locally

Nighttime in Barcelona's Gothic Quarter is like a wild street party that moves between dive pubs, dance clubs, and cocktail lounges.

Most excellent venues to spend an authentic Spanish night out are situated in the lower portion that borders the port.

  • Eat at Barcelona's Oldest Restaurant

The oldest restaurant in Barcelona and second-oldest in all of Spain is Can Culleretes, which opened its doors in 1786. It's hidden on a side street off Las Ramblas, Barcelona's well-known thoroughfare. Only traditional Catalan and Spanish cuisine is served at this eatery. Besides, prepare yourself for delicious house wine too!

  • Check out La Boqueria

The Boqueria, one of the oldest marketplaces in Europe, is a vibrant marketplace with an abundance of various goods. Take a stroll, have a tapa at El Quim de la Boqueria, and most of all, take in the energy of this iconic market in Barcelona's Gothic Quarter.

  • Pause Time in a Tranquil Square

  1. Beautiful squares may be found all across Barcelona. Of course, the Gothic Quarter is hardly an exception, brimming with allure and intrigue! Unwind in one of the city's many squares while admiring the beauty all around. Why not have a look at a few of the crowd favorites?
  2. Plaça de Sant Felip Neri, where the Spanish Civil War is commemorated.
  3. Consider Plaça Reial for a nightout
  4. Coffee on the Plaça d'Antonio Lopez with a view of the ancient Roman fortifications.
  5. Places to visit for a weekend of art and a farmers market include Plaça de Sant Josep Oriol and Plaça del Pi.

  • View the Roman Temple in Barcelona

The Roman Temple in Barcelona's Gothic Quarter is hidden from street view, and thus, many people are unaware that it even exists. Discover how Barcelona came to be a Roman colony and how it received its name inside this temple!

  • Go to a Gothic Cathedral

The Gothic Cathedral, which dates from the 13th to the 15th century, is perhaps one of the most well-known structures in Barcelona's Gothic Quarter—it took close to 200 years to construct. Don't forget to check out the lovely cloisters and patios inside the cathedral.

  • Compare prices

Portal D'Angelo, one of the busiest pedestrian routes in Europe, is located in Barcelona's Gothic Quarter. All the major brands line this broad boulevard, and you will also come across smaller stores and independent names as you go further along.

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