Basilica di San Petronio

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The Basilica di San Petronio is one of the most prominent examples of Gothic architecture in Italy and the largest church in the city. It was begun in 1390 and was not completed until the 18th century. The church is dedicated to Saint Petronius, the patron saint of Bologna. It is known for its large size, impressive façade, and important artwork. It also contains the tomb of Saint Petronius and a sundial on the floor.

How to explore Basilica di San Petronio?

  • Many tour operators offer guided tours of the basilica, which provide an in-depth look at the history and architecture of the building, as well as information about the artwork and sculptures it contains.
  • The basilica contains a number of important artworks, including frescoes, sculptures, and paintings by famous artists such as Jacopo della Quercia and Giovanni da Modena. Come and admire these rare pieces of art.
  • The basilica is dedicated to Saint Petronius, the patron saint of Bologna, and his tomb can be found inside the church. You can pay their respects and learn about the saint's life and legacy.
  • The church features a large sundial on the floor, which is an interesting feature to explore. It is considered one of the most renowned examples of medieval astronomy.
  • The terrace of the basilica offers panoramic views of Bologna and it is a great spot to take photos of the city.
  • The Library of San Petronio is located inside the church and is known to be one of the oldest libraries in Europe. Explore, read, or simply get fascinated by its stunning architecture.
  • The basilica is also known for its acoustics and is often used as a venue for concerts and other cultural events. Check your schedule and plan to attend one of these events.
  • The basilica has a bell tower that offers panoramic views of the city. You can climb the tower to take in the views and get a different perspective of the basilica.

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Address of Basilica di San Petronio

Corte De' Galluzzi 12/2, 40124, Bologna, Italy

Opening & Closing time of Basilica di San Petronio

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