Royal Australian Mint

The Royal Australian Mint is a must-see for visitors to the nation's capital, Canberra. Located on Denison Street, Deakin, the mint is a fascinating attraction that offers visitors an opportunity to learn about and experience the production of Australian currency. It also provides a range of interactive activities and exhibits related to Australian coins, along with sparkling gardens, a gift shop, and a café.

Take a tour around to see some special coins:

The Royal Australian Mint's main attraction is the interactive guided tour that takes visitors through the process of transforming metal blanks into beautifully minted coins, which are then used in everyday transactions. During the tour, visitors can watch modern machinery producing coins, as well as overview impressive displays. People can also design and mint their special coins by purchasing official merchandise from the gift shop, and then head to the Mint's coin factory to press the cupro-nickel medallion.

Coin Gallery:

The Mint also offers an interactive Coin Gallery that showcases different types of currency minted from different eras together with various designs and patterns. The gallery can supplement the understanding of the history of Australian currency with interactive and audio-visual panels explaining different aspects of the coins. The themed exhibitions at the gallery are updated regularly, providing visitors with a chance to come back and learn more every time.

Spend some time in the nature:

Royal Australian Mint is the delightful gardens that surround it, stunningly kept on the South Side of Canberra on a significant part of a Reconciliation Place. These areas and the sculptures create an environment of reflection and peace. They create a peaceful setting to walk around and create the perfect spot for a picnic. A café with a variety of snacks and beverages is located in the Mint premises if one wants to take advantage of the perfect environment.

The Royal Australian Mint in Canberra is a wonderful place for both Australians and tourists alike. With fantastic guided tours, interactive exhibitions, mint-producing activities, beautiful gardens, and a café, it is an ideal destination for all ages and interests. It represents not only the evolution of the Australian currency but also informative content related to the culture, people, and history of the country.

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    3 hours

Address of Royal Australian Mint

Denison Street, Canberra 2600 Australia

Opening & Closing time of Royal Australian Mint

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