Billy Graham Library

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In Charlotte, North Carolina, the Billy Graham Library is a must-see destination for tourists interested in one of the most influential religious figures of the 20th century. The Library, which is situated on 20 acres of beautifully landscaped ground, is dedicated to the memory of Billy Graham, a revered evangelist and spiritual leader who preached to millions around the world.


One of the main attractions of the Billy Graham Library is its comprehensive exhibits, which trace the life and work of Billy Graham from his humble beginnings in rural North Carolina to his rise to global prominence as a preacher of the Gospel. The exhibition starts with an interactive presentation that highlights significant events in Graham's life, including his conversion, early ministry, and worldwide crusades.

In addition to the exhibits and the replica home, the Billy Graham Library also hosts several educational programs and events throughout the year. These events are designed to help visitors gain a deeper understanding of the Christian faith and the life and teachings of Billy Graham. Some of the most popular events include lectures, book signings, and film screenings.


Another highlight of the Billy Graham Library is the replica of Graham's childhood home, which has been re-created on the Library's grounds. This house, which Graham once described as 'a heaven on earth,' provides visitors with a glimpse of what life was like for the Graham family during the early 20th century. The house features authentic furniture, appliances, and decorations, and visitors are allowed to walk through the different rooms and get a sense of what it was like to live in the house during Graham's childhood.


Visitors to the Billy Graham Library can also take advantage of the Library's gift shop, which offers a wide range of products related to Graham's life and message. These products include books, DVDs, and other items that provide insight into Graham's ministry and the Christian faith.

The Billy Graham Library in Charlotte offers a unique and informative experience for anyone interested in the life and legacy of Billy Graham or the history of the Christian faith. Visitors to the Library are provided with a memorable and enriching experience that leaves a lasting impression on their faith journey through its exhibits, replica homes, and educational programs.

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Address of Billy Graham Library

4330 Westmont Dr, Charlotte, NC 28217, United States

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