Muthurajawela Marsh

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The Muthurajawela Wetland is a component of an integrated coastal wetland system that includes the marsh and the Negombo Lagoon, which cover a combined area of around 6,200 hectares. Together, these two wetlands make up the Negombo Lagoon.

The significance of the wetland has been acknowledged on a regional, national, and international scale. As a result, a wetland sanctuary covering 1,777 hectares in the northern part of Muthurajawela has been established. The wetland has been designated as a 'protected wetland of the world.


• Explore the biodiversity hotspot :

The wetland is a perfect spot to observe both the beauty of a wetland ecosystem and the benefits of living in one because of its location near the commercial capital of Sri Lanka. 102 species of birds, 31 species of reptiles, 22 species of mammals, and 40 species of fish were identified within the reported vertebrate fauna. 17 of the total identified species of vertebrates are endemic, whereas 26 are considered to be in danger on a national scale. New records have been found for a total of 36 different species of vertebrates in Muthurajawela.

• Bird watchers will enjoy the attractive natural settings:

Over 194 species of flora can be found in the Muthurajawela wetland. These plants are dispersed over the wetland's seven principal types of vegetation, which are as follows: marsh, lactic flora, shrubland, reed, swamp, grasslands, stream bank, and mangrove forest.

Having the assistance of a knowledgeable birding guide or naturalist makes this experience even more memorable and illuminating.

• Because of its proximity to both Colombo and Negombo, the area is an excellent choice for a day trip:

The Muthurajawela boat ride is a fun activity, and it's also a highly educational tour because it gives you a lot of information.

  1. The ecosystem of Muthurajawela, with its flora and animals (Tropical coastal wetland)
  2. Transportation by sea during the Dutch and British colonial periods
  3. Coastal wetlands as a source of income
  4. Birds and other species of endemic flora and fauna
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Colombo, Sri Lanka

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