St. Mary's Church

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St. Mary's Church, also known as the 'Maha Veediya Palliya,' appears to tower above other structures in Negombo, also known as 'Little Rome, ' due to many churches and the influence of Portuguese and Dutch colonists. It was built in the early 16th century and is known as the 'Maha Veediya Palliya.'

The Church is an enchanting structure, with walls of a buttery yellow colour and black and white marble decoration seen throughout the entire building.


• Gain an understanding of the global influences that contributed to the development of the structure:

This cathedral, constructed in the neoclassicism style and with statues of many saints, is a monument to the absorption of European techniques into Sri Lankan art and architecture. It was designed and erected in the 18th century.

• Take into consideration the concept of bringing Buddhist art into a Christian setting:

This Church is famously known for a painting of Christ that N.S completed. Godamanne, a Buddhist painter. Godamanne's work may be found inside this Church. The painting was created at this Church, which has a history dating back 140 years.

• Admire the beauty of architecture:

Everyone is captivated by the architecture of the Church, which boasts large colourful doors, stunning sculptures, and intricate paintings that will leave you speechless and unable to express your awe and wonderment adequately.

The people who come to the Church contribute to one of the alters transported from Europe.

• Feel the serenity and piousness as you soak in beautiful artworks around and above you:

The inside walls are covered with carved alabaster images of various saints. The ceiling is entirely covered with sculptures made of alabaster that show a wide variety of different religious characters. The walls are also embellished with artwork comparable to the ceiling.

• Participate in service for the sheer joy of experiencing the magnificent cathedral organ and the stunning stained glass windows:

The morning prayers held within the Church beneath the magnificently painted ceiling are open to both locals and tourists, who may also enjoy the light cast by the stained glass windows within the Church.

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Address of St. Mary's Church

Colombo, Sri Lanka

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