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Ever questioned why the Irish have such a profound impact on the world?

What distinguishes us as Irish? How could such a tiny nation have such a significant influence on the world? Response to all of these responses, as well as others, may be found at EPIC. It is based in the CHQ Building, a magnificently renovated 200-year-old Georgian warehouse that stands majestically on the banks of the Liffey. It has become a popular destination for events, shopping, and amusement in Dublin City Center.

Things to do at EPIC:

  • You are given a virtual passport at the beginning of your voyage, stamped at each vault you go to. Your passport opens personalized material and enables you to send a virtual postcard, which then launches and pings out around the walls of the final vault, where you learn about the diaspora today. Projections of social media feed that feature stories from Irish people today are displayed on the walls.
  • Imagine a museum devoid of exhibits: A museum in Ireland that chronicles the lives of 70 million individuals who do not reside there. A museum where saints and sinners coexist on the same stage, moving between pleasure and anguish, pride and power. The first entirely digital museum in the world is EPIC Ireland. It uses cutting-edge technology and no artifacts to tell the Irish diaspora's identification, travel, and homecoming tale.
  • EPIC Ireland stands out for its thorough content analysis: As opposed to being kept on shelves or in glass cases, the museum's expanding collection is kept in the cloud. The museum crew can readily update the narrative as new content is added because the digital media are simple to update. Working with subject matter experts, social media, and academic networks, we found the most powerful narratives that bridge space and time. From Canadian religious institutions to Argentinean genealogy websites, Emirati sports clubs to an Irish bar in Mongolia, our research brought us worldwide.
  • The museum's blend of life-size multimedia performances, interactive games, and immersive installations set the museum apart: Meet Billy the Kid in a life-size line-up of Ireland's most notorious emigrants, hear the pages of Bram Stoker's Dracula whispering in your ear, or play at a games table with some of Ireland's most famous sports stars. Each interactive offers something fresh and has its mode of engagement that mirrors the gallery's theme.
  • Learn something new about the history and culture of Ireland: You will have one of the most interesting experiences of your life at this one-of-a-kind museum that tells numerous human stories through interactive galleries. You'll uncover tales of adventure, adversity, and triumph as you connect with their personal experiences and engage with history in 20 interactive galleries. The stories of Irish exiles who went on to become scientists, politicians, poets, artists, and even outlaws around the world will show you that what it means to be Irish extends far beyond the boundaries of Ireland.
  • You can use the Family History Center here to look for your ancestry if you're Irish: EPIC is a bustling destination where visitors may enjoy a variety of cultural activities, as well as recreation, retail therapy, and gourmet adventures. It is housed in a 200-year-old Georgian warehouse. Here, you can access priceless documents, consult a genealogist, and interact with others, searching the web for information about their Irish ancestry. The EPIC and IFHC Combo Ticket is available on the website.
  • Visit EPIC to learn more about Ireland rather than just traveling there: The museum was established on the premise that emigration is among the most fascinating ways to comprehend a nation. This Dublin tourist destination, a recipient of Europe's Leading Tourist Attraction award for 2019 and 2020, is for anyone who wishes to get a behind-the-scenes look at this culturally rich city.
  • After a hectic day out, relax in the all-encompassing business center: If you're thirsty, the Urban Brewery and Ely's wine bar are in the same CHQ structure. Both are fantastic for those who enjoy exquisite wine, specialty cocktails, unique craft brews, and delicious food. On warm days, you can eat al fresco or downstairs in the eerie ancient underground vaults.
  • Nearby Attractions: The Famine Memorial Sculptures, Jeanie Johnston Famine Ship, The Custom House, Dublin Convention Center, and many more cultural landmarks may be found close to the Irish Emigration Museum in the historic Dublin Docklands neighborhood.
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Address of EPIC The Irish Emigration Museum

Custom House Quay, North Dock, Dublin, Ireland

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EPIC The Irish Emigration Museum