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Ireland's largest cemetery, Glasnevin, is a magnificently restored garden cemetery with grand monuments from the past and carefully preserves the stories of 1.5 million people. Today, it is a popular site for travelers, tourists, and academics who want to learn more about the people and occasions that influenced modern-day Ireland. Ireland's National Cemetery is a location with great social, cultural, and historical significance.

Things to at Glasnevin:

  • Get educated about some of the pivotal milestones and happenings in Irish history's contemporary era that have taken place at Glasnevin Cemetery:

There is much to admire at Glasnevin, a 124-acre Victorian garden cemetery. Countess Markievicz, Daniel O'Connell, Michael Collins, Eamon de Valera, and other well-known historical luminaries are only a handful of those interred here.

  • The world's largest collection of Celtic crosses may be found here:

Glasnevin serves as the final resting place for about 1.5 million individuals whose names you may not be familiar with; nonetheless, behind each name and beneath each headstone is the tale of a life lived, of a particular person's experiences, joys, and tragedies.

  • Take advantage of the resources to dig deep into the past:

The interactive visitor center at the location features countless historical photos from the cemetery as well as award-winning displays like 'The City of the Dead.' To maybe discover more about your ancestors, you can also search the computer database for your family surname. In addition, the tourist center offers a lovely gift shop, and the Tower Café is next door.

  • A guided walking tour is among the greatest ways to see the cemetery:

Each trip is led by your guide, who strikes a delicate mix between seriousness and humor while personalizing it to suit your interests.

  • General History Tour: The heroes of Ireland are honored on this journey, which also includes stops at the graves of Daniel O'Connell, Michael Collins, Roger Casement, Charles Stewart Parnell, and Countess Markievicz. Hear tales of gravediggers, grave thieves, rogues and rebels, the renowned and the notorious.

  • Dead Interesting Tour: Hear the tales of the lesser-known but no less fascinating individuals interred in Glasnevin. Dead Interesting reveals some of Glasnevin's secrets, including the stories of Francis de Groot, who accidentally launched the Sydney Harbour Bridge, and Maria Higgins, a woman who died just once but was buried twice.

  • Walk past the O'Connell Tower and soak in the magnificence:

For breathtaking views of the expansive cemetery grounds, Dublin City, Wicklow, and the Irish Sea, climb the cemetery's 198 stairs. At over 55 meters, it is the tallest round tower in Ireland. It was constructed in 1854 and is the grave marker for Daniel O'Connell, a great liberator interred in an elaborately built crypt at the tower's base.

  • The Glasnevin Cemetery is regarded as an outdoor museum, and art enthusiasts will love it: 

You can enter the spectacular National Botanic Gardens through a gate inside the cemetery grounds. You will discover rich information on sculpture, symbolism, architecture, art, sporting heroes, and the natural world.

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Experience Glasnevin - Ireland's National Cemetery