St. Stephens Green

St. Stephen's Green is a public park in Dublin City designed in the Victorian style. It features tree-lined walkways, shrubberies, colorful flowerbeds, herbaceous borders, rockeries, an ornamental lake, and a garden for blind or visually impaired people.

The park, which the Office of Public Works maintains, is a significant public resource in the neighborhood and offers a haven of tranquility and greenery amid the city's frenetic activity. Its history spans four centuries and is rich with drama and intrigue, featuring prominent characters like Arthur Guinness, the first Baron Ardilaun, and Countess Constance Markievicz, amongst others.

Things to do at St. Stephen Green:

  • The park is home to significant national treasures that are important to Irish history:

The Fusiliers' Arch is located at the corner of Grafton Street and honors those members of the Royal Dublin Fusiliers who gave their lives serving during the Second Boer War. At some time during the battle during the Easter Rising, numerous bullets became embedded in the archway. Even now, these bullet holes are visible at the Fusiliers' Arch in all their decaying glory.

  • Learn about the various monuments that are located on Saint Stephen's Green:

A statue of Arthur Guinness may be located in the park, and it can be found on the west side of the park, opposite the Royal College of Surgeons. As could be expected, the statue is there. Other statues and sculptures include the Three Fates, which can be found within the Leeson Street gate. These three figures were a gift from Germany to the Irish people after the Second World War in appreciation for their assistance with refugees. There is a bronze statue of Theobald Wolfe Tone, the leader of the uprising in 1798, and a bust of Constance Markievicz. James Joyce's bust is located such that it faces his former institution.

  • There are many different kinds of birds and flora that make the park their home:

There are various flower beds in the Victorian style, each with a colorful arrangement of bedding plants such as geraniums, petunias, geraniums, and tulips. Numerous species of waterfowl, including mallard ducks, swans, moorhens, and others, and a great variety of other birds and fish, make their home in the lake. There is also a garden specifically designed for those who are blind called the Garden for the Blind. It has fragrant bushes and herbs with Braille labels.

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Address of St. Stephens Green

City Centre, Dublin, Ireland

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