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This museum investigates Dublin's previous century and is located in a Georgian townhouse on the outskirts of St. Stephen's Green. The adored Little Museum offers friendliness, humor, and history. U2 and the puppets Podge and Rodge are given as much attention as James Joyce, so it's not your typical history lesson. Despite its small size, it is jam-packed with incredible exhibits and tours that bring them to life. On the well-known Saint Stephens Green, the museum is a people's museum housed in a Georgian townhouse from the 18th century.

Things to do at the Little Museum Of Dublin

  • The evolution is an achievement: Within the first year, it had grown to fill the entire structure, taking up three floors of a lovely townhouse on Dublin's St. Stephen's Green. Since the museum opened, the number of visitors has increased fourfold. Its education program is well underway, and there are significant expansion plans for 2018 that will quadruple the museum's current size, enhance its capacity for visitors and exhibition space, and establish a permanent teaching facility for kids.
  • Venture into all that is worth seeing: Start in a typical drawing room that remembers Dublin in the 1900s (with discussions of tenements and the 1916 Easter Rising), then proceed to the memorabilia-filled current history area (including a letter from Samuel Beck). When the tour is over, you can enter the U2 room or the Editing Room, a replica of an Irish Times office from the early 20th century.
  • Take advantage of the historical perspective: The museum is undoubtedly one of Dublin's best-kept secrets because it offers a distinctive historical perspective. This unique and small-scale museum is brimming with fascinating things to learn, from Queen Victoria's visit to the international success of the Irish rock band U2. Original copies of the Irish Republic's Proclamation, the podium that President John F. Kennedy used to address the Irish government, and a variety of other uncommon and common things all tell the tale of the city.
  • Be sure to converse with your guide as your time at the Little Museum concludes: Discover the finest of the city during your visit by getting tailored suggestions based on your preferences. Your incredibly knowledgeable guides are not only exceedingly knowledgeable about the artifacts in the museums and the culture and history of Dublin but also about some of the city's best characteristics that are less well-known. They will be able to lead you in the right direction for anything from eateries and bars to cathedrals and gardens.
  • The Little Museum's guided tours are a staple of the institution: The Little Museum has it all and provides a wealth of information about this wonderful city, from a brief history of the Dublin bar to a history of the city's music. The tour guides are animated (occasionally hilariously bonkers) and appear knowledgeable about the area. It's fantastic when elder Dubliners share their stories because there's typically a good mix of tourists from Ireland and other countries.
  • A plethora of activities are conducted: Yes, a changing exhibition on the ground floor occurs four times a year. Recently, there were two exhibitions: 'What's She Doing Here?' and 'Ireland's Fashion Radicals,' which looked at the daring designers of the 1950s. The museum as a whole has a very feminist bent; on Tuesday mornings, you may take a tour of women's history in Ireland.
  • Take one of their custom-designed guided excursions: To explore the area beyond the museum, such as the 'Women's History of Ireland Tour,' highlighting women's contribution to Irish history. A fascinating walking tour of the stunning St. Stephen's Green is called 'The Green Mile Tour.' You can also meet the authors and hear their stories on 'The Writers of Dublin Walking Tour,' or sign up for the 'Tour in French' and have a more individualized tour with Trevor White, the museum's director.
  • The Big Little Treasure Hunt is a fun outdoor activity that the whole family may participate in without leaving St. Stephen's Green.
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Address of The Little Museum of Dublin

15 St Stephen's Green, Kilmainham, Dublin, Ireland

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