Aga and Salma Palace

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Tales rich in history, symbolism, people, and events are common in Hail. Interwoven with culture and heritage, Aga and Salma Palace captures stories of people, places, and time. It is located in the city, at the center of modern social activities, yet depicts a pristine livelihood from thousands of years ago.


• The Aga and Salma Café and Museum houses a collection of about 32,000 pieces of exhibits, including many classic weapons used in the ancient wars. You will also find past currencies, items used in ancient hospitality, and medieval architectural designs.

• The museum is built with unique architecture and is named after two famous mountains in Hail, Aja, and Salma. It is a museum that displays archaeological and heritage pieces and collectibles of the region’s culture for visitors and tourists, in addition to a wonderful café with outdoor seating so that you can rest and enjoy a cup of delicious coffee with your family and friends.

• The first hall is divided into several sections; the first is for household staff, the second is for weapons and shotguns, the third is for school supplies, the fourth is for electric appliances, and the fifth is for farming equipment. The most significant feature of this room is that everything is made in the area.

• It contains a geological natural history gallery where visitors can view local rocks, mining sites, plants, and animals while learning about the region's geographical history from inside and outside the kingdom.

• Additionally, there is a gallery that uses images, records, and other displays to illustrate the Islamic heritage from the migration of the Prophet to the descendent period and beyond.

• Visit the residence of the respected icon and Arabian legend Hatim Al Tai, whose compassion and charity inspired several poetry, movies, television shows, and stories for the renowned 'One Thousand and One Nights' (also known as 'Arabian Nights') collection. Visitors can examine the well-preserved ruins of his palace and the nearby little cemetery where Hatim is thought to be buried on the northwest slope of the Aja hill.

• After working up an appetite, dine at Al Turathi for lunch or supper. The two-story restaurant serves flavorful Middle Eastern food, including dishes like chicken mandi, and is decorated with a variety of antiquities.

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Address of Aga and Salma Palace

Al Waeliya Palace, Prince Saud bin Abdul Mohsen Al Saud Street, Al Nuqrah, Hail 55431, Saudi Arabia

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