Al Samra Mountain

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Due to the variety of its environment and topography, including the brown mountains that can be reached at their highest point by regular car via a network of paved roads, the AL Samra Mountain situated in the east of Hail on the Wadi Al-Adreea Valley is the most beautiful park and the most well-liked tourist destination.

The actual value of the location, however, is concealed by the widely held perception that it was a location used by Hatem Al-Ta'i to draw visitors, particularly on dark nights by lighting a small fortress known as the burner built in the highest peaks of one of the mountains of Samara as a beacon in which visitors inferred the location Karim Arabs.

Things to do at Al Samra Mountains:

• A one for all place: Beautiful mountain Jabal Al Samra offers a unique perspective of Al Samra Amusement Park from its summit. There is a sizable, open garden, a restaurant, a cafe, and lots of kid-friendly games and activities, including a small zoo and an artificial lake. This tourist attraction should be visited by everyone travelling to Hail with their family.

• Visit the park that dominates the mountain: The park, which is more than a million square metres in size, is notable for its tall views that overlook the city of Hail and its urban sprawl from various angles. It also has a number of gardens, green spaces, and lush trees, a large lake in the middle of it, as well as a number of small rental homes. The park also features a kids' playground designed to the most recent requirements and international standards. Chalets) built with a design that seems they are tents raised on a hill.

• Experience the organic way of life here: The inhabitants are friendly and traditional. The agricultural calendar governs their lives, and traditional festivals that mark religious holidays and the changing of the seasons serve as interruptions.

• Eat under the shade of century-old trees: Lovely restaurants are situated in gardens with flowers, vegetables, and fruit and nut trees for shade. There are stunning mountain views from the three terraces that are in the sun. There are some peaceful areas in the yard where you may unwind. A large open fireplace makes the dining room a cosy place to unwind.

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Address of Al Samra Mountain

GPCG+QVW, Alkhuraymi, Hail 55426, Saudi Arabia

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