Coptic Cathedral of Hurghada

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The Coptic Cathedral of Hurghada is an Egyptian Coptic Orthodox cathedral. It's a church for the local Coptic Christians and a significant cultural and religious landmark for the Coptic minority in Egypt. The cathedral attracts many visitors interested in the area's religious and cultural history because of its distinctive architecture.


Attend religious service:

The Coptic Cathedral in Hurghada is a great place to visit if you're interested in attending a religious service or mass that follows the liturgical procedures of the Coptic Orthodox Church. Common elements of these gatherings include group singing of hymns and readings from the Bible, as well as prayers conducted by a priest. Everyone is invited to come and watch the service.

Learn about the cathedral's history and architecture:

The Coptic Orthodox Church's history can be traced back to the time of Saint Mark the Evangelist in the first century A.D., making it the oldest Christian denomination in Egypt. The history of the Coptic Church is lengthy and complicated, with periods of development and expansion as well as eras of persecution and downfall. Coptic Christians have played and continue to play an essential part in the spiritual and cultural development of Egypt and the Christian world at large.

Educate yourself about Coptic Christianity:

Egypt and the whole Christian world owe much to the Coptic Church, which has a storied past and a vibrant cultural legacy.

The religion is distinguished by its monastic and ascetic traditions as well as its distinctive liturgical customs, language (Coptic), and biblical canon:

The Pope of Alexandria presides over the Coptic Orthodox Church, which has a sizeable following in Egypt and elsewhere, including the United States.

Marvel at the beautiful icons, paintings, and mosaics that adorn the cathedral:

The purpose of the artwork of a Coptic Cathedral is threefold: to make the building seem holy, to facilitate worship, and to portray the story of Christianity graphically.

The elaborate designs, bright colors, and striking images that define Coptic art sometimes take visitors by surprise when they first step foot inside a cathedral. Important spiritual and cultural treasures, these art pieces frequently represent scenes from the Bible, saints, and angels.

Light a candle or offer a prayer in the cathedral's chapel:

Visitors to a Coptic Cathedral are encouraged to show their love by lighting candles and praying in the cathedral's chapel.

Connecting with the divine and the deep spiritual tradition of the Coptic Church can be facilitated via this practice.

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Address of Coptic Cathedral of Hurghada

7R38+P98, El-Lewaa Salman Mazhar, Hurghada 2, Red Sea Governorate 1972126, Egypt

Opening & Closing time of Coptic Cathedral of Hurghada

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