Bari Imam Shrine

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Bari Imam is a shrine in Islamabad that is frequently visited by millions of people devoted to Silsila Qadri's religion. It is a shrine dedicated to the Muslim Sufi and saint Hazrat Shah Abdul Latif, also known as 'Imam Bari,' 'Sarkar Bari,' 'Bari Imam,' and 'Bari Sarkar.'

Things to do at Bari Imam Shrine:

  • Learn about the historical and spiritual significance:

The silver-mirrored shrine of Bari Imam was initially constructed during the reign of the Mughal emperor Aurangzeb (1658–1707). Since then, it has undergone numerous refurbishments, and the Government of Pakistan is currently responsible for its upkeep.

  • Experience self-discipline and spirituality:

The devotees and adherents of Bari Imam number in the millions and may be found in every region of the country. They make pilgrimages to the shrine regularly.

  • Participate in the URS or Mela, which occurs between May and June (Jeth) each year:

People continue to come at all hours of the day and night to perform prayers here. The shrine was renowned for its urs celebration, which commemorated the death anniversary of the saint and is attended by hundreds of thousands of people each year (in one particularly populous year, it is said that the attendance was 1.2 million people). This celebration took place each year on the anniversary of the saint's passing.

  • Arrive at the location that is known as the 'Prayer Place of Hazrat Sb':

Take some time to relax there, and you will also be given free food at a nearby location known as 'Langar.' After regaining your breath.

  • Continue your ascent for another 25 minutes to reach the location known as 'Loi Dandi':

This location has a character all its own, and if you go inside the cave and sit there while reciting scripture, it is said to affect your spiritual well-being positively. The cave is located in the valley between two mountains.

  • imageDuration Required
    2 hours

Address of Bari Imam Shrine

Nurpur Shahan, Islamabad, Pakistan

Opening & Closing time of Bari Imam Shrine

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