Wagah Border

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If you visit the City of Gardens, you must attend the magnificent military parade at the Wagah Border. The customary flag-hoisting and -lowering ceremonies, which have been taking place at the Pakistan-India border every morning and evening since 1959, are one of the most well-liked tourist attractions in Lahore. The Beating Retreat Drill, which is done just before dusk, is what draws most people each day.

On both sides of the Wagah Border crossing, hundreds of women, men, and children are chanting patriotic chants as they watch the spectacle. Consequently, whether traveling to this historic city for business or pleasure, you should make time to see the famed military display at the Wagah Border in Lahore.

On the highway connecting Lahore and Amritsar is the Wagah-Attari border. Only this border crossing between Pakistan and India is open ground. This point is also where the vast bulk of products traveling between the two nations pass through.

Regarding the Wagah border ceremony, Pakistan Rangers officers march in front of a sizable throng while patriotic music plays in the background.

But it's much more than just a show of extravagance and confidence. The ceremony represents the rivalry and camaraderie between the two countries as soldiers from both give each other a greeting before formally closing the border gate after the flag-lowering ceremony, even though the parade is very entertaining and inspires feelings of patriotism in those present.

The spectacular procession serves as a reminder to the populace of the military's sacrifices made to preserve our nation's sovereignty.

Every Pakistani should at least once in their lives travel to the famed Wagah Border in Lahore. You should include this activity in your itinerary even if you only have 24 hours in Lahore.

The Wagah Border Flag-Lowering Ceremony:

The Wagah Border ceremony starts an hour before dusk with the border guards practicing the drill in front of a cheering crowd while wearing their black uniforms.

The gates are then opened by the border guards on each side, and the flags of the two nations are simultaneously lowered and folded. The soldiers shake hands after that and then retreat while beating their chests. The ceremony is subsequently concluded by closing the enormous iron gates.

Since seats cannot be reserved in advance, it is recommended to arrive at the venue one hour before the procession is scheduled to begin. The Wagah Border tends to get very busy on the weekends, so you should try to arrive there at least an hour and a half before the ceremony.

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Address of Wagah Border

Lahore, Pakistan

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