Mosterio dos Jeronimos

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It is a modest hermitage dedicated to Santa Maria and it originally stood where the Jerónimos Monastery now does, close to the historic Belém shoreline. This monastery is the most spectacular Portuguese monastic complex of its period and one of the significant European cathedrals. It is the pinnacle of Manueline architecture and inextricably related to the Discoveries.

Explore the Mosterio dos Jeronimos

  • The south gate of the monastery is a magnificent illustration of Manueline architecture at its most striking. The Spanish architect Joo de Castilho created the 32-meter door, which was elaborately ornamented and constructed between 1516 and 1518. It is the focal point of the façade that faces the River Tagus.
  • The intricate group of forty or more figures carved into the pillars surrounding the entryway, including Henry the Navigator, St. Jerome, and Our Lady of the Three Kings. This craft brings to life the beautiful stonework's filigree-like carvings.
  • Strolling around the double-tiered Cloisters will exude a fantastic sense of calm. It is one of Lisbon's top tourist attractions and one of Portugal's most outstanding examples of Manueline architecture. The cloisters were first built in the early 16th century with the graceful stonework that adorns the arches and balustrades. This stonework is a confection of delicate tracery and richly carved religious and nautical symbols that appear almost weightless in harmony and ornamentation.
  • While strolling around the lower abbey, you'll pass a fountain shaped like a lion, St. Jerome's heraldic animal. Its shape is quite astounding to look at!
  • Don't miss out on the Transept Chapels, located on either side of the nave. They were constructed in 1587 and exuded regal grandeur. Each is built in a Mannerist pattern, where niches are made to hold altars alternately with those made to house graves. King Henrique and other children of King Manuel I were buried in the tombs in the north chapel, while King Joo III's children and his grandson King Sebastio were buried in the graves in the south chapel.
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Address of Mosterio dos Jeronimos

Praça do Império 1400-206, Lisbon, Portugal

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