Oceanário de Lisboa

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If you wish to dive into the world of aquatic life, then Oceanário de Lisboa is the place for you. It is a marine mammal park attraction situated in Lisbon, Portugal. It is the largest indoor aquarium in Europe and contains 5 million liters of salt water in a large central aquarium. It has a particular design that makes it appears like a single aquarium and a single ocean with four different marine environments. The journey in this aquarium crosses the temperate, tropical, and frigid waters of the world's many oceans on two levels: the terrestrial and the undersea.

All the species are kept in 4 large tanks that are 7 m (23 ft) deep, which gives the impression of a vast ocean and permits pelagic swimmers to glide effortlessly over the sea floor. Each of the four habitats—the rocky coast of the North Atlantic, the Antarctic coast, the temperate Pacific kelp forests, and the tropical Indian coral reefs—is represented by its tank surrounding the big central tank. Only big sheets of acrylic divide these tanks from the main tank, giving the impression of one large structure.

What to do in Oceanário de Lisboa?

  • Go on a guided tour of the temporary and permanent exhibits that will instill knowledge in you about 8000 animals, plants, and roughly 500 featured species.
  • You can also sleep with the sharks. Who knew sharks could make comfortable bedfellows? Everyone who decides to spend the night at the oceanarium will state that they did so to learn more about the scaly skin, enormous fangs, dizzying speed, and menacing glare of sharks, as well as to understand how to support the conservation of these animals.
  • It has different marine species like penguins, seagulls, sea otters, starfish, echinoderm, sharks, rays, barracudas, groupers, and moray eels. Seeing all 16,000 individuals of 450 species under one roof is fascinating.
  • The giant Sunfish is one of the key draws that makes this aquariums one of the few in the world to have Sunfish. Sunfish have special and rigorous care needs, making the Lisbon Oceanarium one of the few aquariums in the world to hold one.
  • Two enormous spider crabs are another highlight of the oceanarium.
  • Two otters (called Micas and Maré) and their children call this oceanarium their home.
  • You can also host birthday parties and celebrate inside.
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    3 hours

Address of Oceanário de Lisboa

Esplanada D. Carlos I - 1990-005 Lisboa

Opening & Closing time of Oceanário de Lisboa

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