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One of the few functioning royal residences left in the world is Buckingham Palace. It is officially the London residence of the British monarch and serves as his or her administrative centre. The palace, situated in Westminster, is the site of many state events and royal ceremonies. From national celebrations to mournings, it has served as a gathering place for the British people. It has been accessible to tourists throughout the summer 20 years back. 

What to do at Buckingham palace?

  • The Queen and other Royal Family members utilize the 19 State Rooms as Buckingham Palace's primary reception areas for all types of ceremonial, official, diplomatic, and private occasions. These magnificent rooms contain numerous well-known must-see attractions, such as the red-carpeted Grand Staircase, the Queen's throne, and the stunning Ballroom. Here are some to look at since there is so much royal history and splendor that it is possible to stroll right past some incredible gems.
  • You may see a unique exhibition of items related to The Queen's Accession in 1952, including the sparkling and classy Diamond Diadem that Her Majesty wore on the day of her Coronation in the Ball Supper Room. The Diadem, which appears on the face side of the majority of UK coins, may be more familiar to you than you realize. Be prepared for the real thing to wow you!
  • Don't pass up the opportunity to see the sculptures by Italian master Antonio Canova in the Palace's Marble Hall. Canova is regarded as one of the finest artists of all time. He brought life to his marble sculptures by somehow making the flesh appear soft, the facial emotions appear genuine, and the finish is shimmering and glowing in the light. The sublime Mars and Venus, a union of the Roman gods of war and love that alludes to the end of the Napoleonic Wars in Europe, was carved from a single block of stone and is located at the base of the Ministers' Stairs. Canova visited London in 1815 and produced three masterpieces for King George IV.
  • After visiting the State Rooms, unwind with a relaxing 45-minute walk around the exclusive area of Buckingham Palace Garden with a guide who can tell you all the tales. 
  • Take in the Rose Garden's vibrant colors, see London's most prestigious tennis court, and discover this urban oasis' incredible biodiversity.
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Address of Buckingham Palace

London SW1A 1AA, United Kingdom

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