Temple of Medinat Habu

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The Temple of Medinat Habu is a historical site in Luxor, Egypt. The structure, made of sandstone, is dedicated to Amun, Mut, and Khonsu, the triad of Thebes. The temple was built by Pharaoh Ramses III during the 20th dynasty of Ancient Egypt as a memorial temple to honor himself and his family.

Learn the history of the Temple of Medinat Habu:

The Temple of Medinat Habu is one of the best-preserved monuments in Ancient Egypt, with walls that are still standing, and hundreds of vivid scenes in relief depicting Ramses III’s victories against the Sea People, and others that portray the most important gods in the Egyptian pantheon. There are labyrinthine corridors and chambers inside the temple that connect to its chapels and sanctuaries.

Explore the architecture of the Temple of Medinat Habu

The temple’s colossal main entrance, the Pylon of Ramses III, greets visitors as they approach the temple’s west wall. Its two towers are crowned with figures of King Ramses III, enthroned between the gods Khonsu and Amun, and flanked by a statue of the king's daughter Neferure.

Visitors to the temple are struck by the vivid scenes depicting Ramses III's battle against the Sea People on its outer walls. The scene is framed by two large scenes, one of Ramses III in his royal chariot, and the other of him receiving tribute from the Sea People. Inside the temple, visitors are met with images of the gods Amun, Mut, Khonsu, and others in the inner chambers, led through with hieroglyphic texts, along with several former shrines and chapels that were dedicated to Ramses III and his family.

The Temple of Medinat Habu is a stunning example of Ancient Egyptian architecture. Its grand pylon was meant to strike awe in the hearts of visitors over 3,000 years ago, and it still impresses tourists today. Exploring the temple provides a glimpse into the history of Ramses III and Ancient Egyptian culture as well as an engaging experience.

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Address of Temple of Medinat Habu

Al Bairat, Luxor Egypt

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