Al Shamal Park

The Al Shamal Park, one of the biggest parks in the area, serves the recreational needs of the people of Al Shamal in the North and is an example of a park. The park receives a lot of visitors every day because of its serene surroundings and ideal weather.

  • Exclusively made for Women and Children: 

The Department of Public Parks and Al Shamal Municipality has made a significant advancement by allocating Shamal Park to females and children under the age of twelve. Children under the age of 15 are the only ones who are permitted admission to the playground. According to reports, the Central Municipal Council from the Al Shamal region requested that the park exclusively be made available to women and children.

  • Waterfall at Al Shamal Park: 

The presence of water so close to Al Shamal Park's entrance is one of the park's most eye-catching characteristics. Travelers can witness a stunning memorial with a waterfall as they enter the park.

  • Various Types of Plants can be Found: 

Here's something: the Al Shamal Park in Qatar has a sizable area that allows for the entry of a range of flora. Anyone who enjoys the outdoors will be fascinated by this location because of the wide variety of cultivated plants there. There is a lot for visitors to look forward to at Al Shamal Park in Qatar, including eucalyptus trees, Al Neem, Al Seyag Plants, numerous species of Alvix, Arab acacia, fruitful palm trees, and more.

  • Play Area for Kids:

If you're bringing your kids and are concerned about where they can play, Al Shamal Park contains a garden with a play area for kids. Children may have a fantastic time playing here without parents being concerned too much about their safety because of the engaging games and excellent safety procedures implemented.

  • The cafeteria at the Park: 

There is a good reason why Al Shamal Park is one of Qatar's most popular tourist destinations. A sizable restaurant with delicious food is directly across from the park's entrance. Visitors can eat there while relaxing. But wait, the Al Shamal Park Qatar also includes a café, which is recognized for offering visitors some amazing services, in case the restaurant isn't enough. What is the delay, then? There is no need to go any further if hunger strikes while you are enjoying the park since Al Shamal has you covered.

  • imageDuration Required
    3 hours

Address of Al Shamal Park

Entrance to Madinat Ash Shamal city

Opening & Closing time of Al Shamal Park

  • Monday
  • Tuesday
  • Wednesday
  • Thursday
  • Friday
  • Saturday
  • Sunday

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