Station of Ibrahim

Just in front of Kaaba, in the Mataf, is a site known as Maqam-e-Ibrahim, which translates as 'the place where Prophet Ibrahim (PBUH) stood'. The footprints of Prophet Ibrahim are inscribed on a stone that is primarily blackish-red with some white (PBUH).

The pilgrims can see the stone because it is enclosed in a glass dome. A golden cage with a lovely pattern carved on it covers the glass dome. The cage features a 'Sitara' curtain, which is decorated and stitched. Its dimensions are 8 inches high, 14 inches wide, and 15 inches long.


Maqam-e-Ibrahim is the stone on which the footprints of the Prophet Ibrahim (PBUH) are inscribed, and it is located 46 feet away from Kaaba. One of the most widely believed legends surrounding the history of Maqam-e-Ibrahim is that Prophet Ibrahim (PBUH) stood on the stone to oversee the construction of the holy Kaaba when it was being erected. By the grace of Almighty Allah, the stone melted, leaving imprints of the Prophet's foot on it.

Another widely believed legend states that Prophet Ibrahim (PBUH) used to stand on a stone and carry his son Prophet Ismail (PBUH) on his shoulders to deposit stones in high places while Prophet Ibrahim (PBUH) was building the Kaaba. Additionally, it is thought that Prophet Ibrahim (PBUH) used to stand atop the rock that is now known as Maqam-e-Ibrahim to preach about and summon people to Islam, the faith of the Almighty Allah.

The Prophet Ibrahim (PBUH) allegedly used to stand on Maqam-e-Ibrahim and summon people to make the sacred journey to Mecca. Nevertheless, it is regarded as a sign of devotion to Allah.

One of the incredible facts was that the rock he stood on while building the Kaaba was changed into a smooth and soft piece into which his feet sank, allowing one to see the impressions of His feet on the rock. And on the stone at the eastern side of the Kaaba, there are still imprints after many centuries.

Things to do:

Although reciting additional surahs is permitted, it is advised to recite Surah Al Kafirun following Surah Al Fatiha in the first rakat and Surah Ikhlas in the second rakat. As a result, Maqam-e-Ibrahim is a necessary component of Kaaba history.

The Maqam-e-Ibrahim is a representation of Prophets Ibrahim (PBUH) and Ismail (PBUHdevotion )'s to their struggles for Allah (PBUH). During Umrah and Hajj, all pilgrims pay their respects at this important historical site.

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Address of Station of Ibrahim

Masjid Al Haram Road, Mecca Saudi Arabia

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