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The Bait Al Zubair museum is tucked away in Old Muscat, just to the east of the contemporary city, and it puts the spotlight on Oman's history and heritage. Visitors are drawn to the privately owned museum by exhibits of photographs, weapons, jewelry, and other artifacts that provide an insight into the life and history of the Omani people.

In addition to the six individual buildings that make up the complex, there is also a garden that features an aflaj system and a variety of plants and trees that are indigenous to the area.

Things to do at Baith Al Zubair Museum:

  • Observe the thousands of objects that belong to the Zubair family and are always being added to the collection:

Bait Al Zubair, also known as the House of Al Zubair, is a privately owned museum that welcomed visitors through its intricately carved wooden doors in 1998. The museum showcases the family's collection of Omani artifacts, widely regarded as the most impressive collection to be held privately.

  • It is an authentic hotspot for cross-cultural appreciation:

This adaptable traditional yet modern setting is available for booking opulent private banquets and curator-led museum tours, staff parties and away days, workshops and conferences, lectures, press conferences, meetings, product launches, and commercial exhibitions.

  • Explore the environs of Bait al Bagh:

Explore the grounds of Bait Al Bagh, which reflect the exquisite beauty of Arab art and the complexity of its details. This place has a long illustrious history, where many different stories started.

  • Explore Oud House:

The history of Oud House, also known as Bait Oud, has been preserved. It is regarded as one of the top tourist destinations in Oman, the country where Sheikh Al Zubair's father once resided. It exemplifies the genuine inventiveness that characterizes Oman's architectural style. Do not forget to look through the extensive collection that belonged to Al Zubair that can be found inside. This collection includes jewelry, costumes, furniture, cooking, and food utensils.

  • Admire the views:

As Bait Al Zubair is perched high on the rocky cliffs to view Muscat Bay in all directions, you will be rewarded with a breathtaking view no matter which direction you turn.

  • Participate in one of the many Performing Arts and Traditional Shows:

Bait Al Zubair is known for consistently hosting engaging cultural performances with an evocative atmosphere. This venue fuses elements of history and nature. This location is perfect for winding down after a long day and having a wonderful evening with your loved ones.

  • Enroll for a short learning program here:

Participate in various classes to learn how to make handcrafted clothing items, or you can attend conferences in its imposing forts, which have a history that dates back more than 500 years. Both options are available.

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Address of Bait Al Zubair

Muscat, Oman

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