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There are many breathtaking locations in Oman; however, nothing compares to the serenity found at this magnificent beach. A picture-perfect beach, Qantab can be found in the Sultanate of Oman.

It gets its name from a nearby village that is also called the same thing.

If you enjoy going to the beach, you should make Qantab beach your next destination so that you can experience Oman's capital city in all its splendor. It is a true jewel that has slipped under the radar in Oman and is deserving of a trip there.

Things to do at Qantab Beach:

  • Unwind in the lap of nature:

This beach has a calm and relaxing atmosphere, perfect for those who want to escape the hustle bustle of busy city life and take in the breathtaking scenery

  • Some activities include collecting shells, watching dolphins, and looking for turtles:

Qantab beach in Oman is a popular destination for local families as well as touring tourists due to its proximity to the well-known Dolphin village in Muscat. Just below the surface, the water's brilliant clarity provides a home for an abundant variety of flora and fauna.

  • Embrace culinary delights and local flavor t tantalize your taste buds:

Along the coastline, many posh restaurants and cafes serve mouthwatering dishes from around the world and traditional fare from the area. In addition, a few shops offer beachwear and souvenirs to peruse.

  • Explore the area and let the wind run through your hair:

Qantab beach is encircled by breathtaking scenery and a spellbinding climate, making it an ideal destination for ride-away roads and long drives. Many elegant bed and breakfasts, hotels, and suites are available just facing the lovely beachfront that can cater to visitors' needs.

  • The beach is a fantastic location for going for a swim:

The waters are clear and calm, giving off a turquoise hue; they are ideal for swimming. The sand is gold in color and has a powdery texture; palm trees line the beach's shoreline. The local fishermen and boatmen in Oman extend a friendly greeting and a variety of water sports activities to tourists to foster further growth in the country's tourism industry.

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    4 hours

Address of Qantab Beach

Muscat, Oman

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