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Nestled in the picturesque landscapes near Pai, Thailand, the Land Split is a natural attraction known for its unique geological formation and cultural charm. This site has gained popularity not only for its geological curiosity but also for the warm hospitality of the local family who manages the area.


The Land Split was formed as a result of seismic activity in 2008, causing the ground to crack open. The family who owns the land decided to turn this geological event into an attraction, welcoming visitors to witness the natural wonder and experience the local culture.

Things to do:

- Explore the Split: Wander through the cracked terrain, observing the unusual fissures in the ground caused by the seismic activity.

- Sample Local Produce: The family at the Land Split offers visitors a taste of local hospitality by providing samples of homemade products such as jams, juices, and snacks, which are all grown locally in Pai.

- Enjoy Refreshments: Relax and enjoy refreshing drinks made from ingredients cultivated on the property.

How to Explore:

The Land Split is easily accessible by road from Pai. Once at the site, exploration is primarily on foot as visitors meander through the naturally formed splits in the ground.

Timings and Tickets:

The Land Split is generally open during daylight hours that is from 9 am until 6 pm, and there is no official entrance fee. Visitors are encouraged to make a donation to support the family and their community efforts.


While there is no fixed cost for entry, contributing to the donation box is appreciated. The funds collected often go towards maintaining the site and supporting local initiatives.


1. Wear Comfortable Shoes: As exploration involves walking on uneven ground, wearing sturdy and comfortable shoes is advisable.

2. Support Local Products: Consider purchasing homemade products offered by the family, contributing to the local economy and sustainability efforts.

3. Respect the Environment: Be mindful of the delicate ecosystem and follow any guidelines provided to ensure the preservation of the site.


The Land Split in Pai offers a fascinating blend of geological marvels and local hospitality. It's not just a site to witness the aftermath of seismic activity but also an opportunity to connect with the community and appreciate the resilience of nature.


Q: Can I bring my own food to the Land Split?

A: While bringing your own snacks is generally acceptable, tasting the locally made products on-site is part of the experience and supports the community.

Q: Is there public transportation available to reach the Land Split from Pai town?

A: Public transportation options to the Land Split are limited. It's advisable to rent a motorbike or hire a taxi for a convenient and flexible journey to and from Pai.

Q: Is there a recommended donation amount for visiting the Land Split?

A: The Land Split operates on a donation basis, and any amount contributed is appreciated. Visitors can contribute based on their discretion, and the funds collected go towards the maintenance of the site and supporting local initiatives.

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Address of Land Split

Pham Klang Village, Pai, Thailand

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