Fort Bala Hisar

Bala Hissar, meaning 'elevated or lofty fort,' is a Persian term. In the northwest part of Peshawar city, the ancient fort Bala Hisar is perched atop a substantial mound. The fort was renovated under Sikh and British administration and served as the royal palace for the Durrani Empire.

Although the fort has lost some of its former splendor, remnants of earlier times may still be seen in some of its halls, parapets, and passageways.


• Learn about the historical significance:

Bala Hisar Fort experienced ups and downs, building and destruction, zenith, and depths during the reigns of various conquerors, invaders, and kings because Peshawar had always been a planned city and had a crucial importance for invaders and kings. Before being taken, destroyed, and rebuilt in mud by the Sikhs in 1834, it served as the royal house of the Afghan Durrani dynasty (replaced by brick by the British). The Frontier Corps' current headquarters are there.

• Soak in the breathtaking vistas:

The fort stands roughly 90 feet above ground level and has a surface area of around 10 acres (40,000 m2). The fort's vantage point on a high hill offers a commanding and expansive view of Peshawar and the surrounding valley, which is captivating.

The mountains around the Peshawar valley may be seen if you're in Peshawar on a sunny, clear day. Another captivating sight from this location is the valley's view.

• Get valuable historical insights at the museum:

The fort also includes an intriguing military museum accessible to the public with a special permit and contains relics, weapons, uniforms, and pictures.

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Peshawar, Pakistan

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