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Franz Kafka was honored with a personal monument in the center of Prague almost 80 years after his passing. Dun Street is where Kafka's family resided for a while, and Vzeská Street is where the Franz Kafka statue is situated. It is located halfway between the Spanish Synagogue and St. Spirit Church. 


The spirit of Prague is Franz Kafka, and Kafka's soul is Prague. The political unrest that once engulfed the Czech Republic's capital constitutes a significant part of his literary works, even though he never made any explicit references to the city in any of his writings. Many people know that the author's life was always mysterious. It's hard to avoid comparing the two when considering the mystery that connects Bohemia and this author. The residents take great pride in the town's corners that directly relate to different parts of the city and have a similar relationship to the author. 


Things to do in the neighborhood of Franz Kafka Statue

  • Visit the Jewish Quarter. The Jewish Quarter, or Josefov, is like a Mecca for authors who like Kafka's writing and find inspiration in it. It is the origin of our 20th-century creative brilliance and the center of worship for many budding authors. 
  • Check out the Old New Synagogue, Europe's oldest synagogue that is still in operation. It is situated in Prague's Jewish Quarter (Josefov). 
  • Go to Dlouha 16, another Prague address where Franz Kafka temporarily rented an apartment. He stayed there from 1915 till the beginning of 1917. A stunning illustration of the Art Nouveau architectural style is this building. 
  • Take leisure strolls on the colorful and gorgeous Golden Lane, which lies inside the Prague Castle complex and is meant to be a historical alley. It will make you think of the numerous little cottages that were characters in their own right in practically all of Enid Blyton's books. 
  • Savor your taste buds at the Oliva Nera Ristorante Italiano, a perfect place for relishing Italian cuisine. 
  • Don't miss out on eating at the famous medieval cafe of Cafe Ponrepo. 
  • Dine at the upmarket Czech restaurant named Branicky Sklipek.
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Address of Franz Kafka Statue

Dušní, 110 00 Staré Město, Czech Republic

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