Gallery of Steel Figures

Visit the Gallery of Steel Figures to escape the crowds and stuffy museums. Numerous sculptures in the prestigious museum in Prague are constructed entirely of steel in this gallery. The figurines, which can weigh up to 2,200 pounds (1000 kg), have a variety of themes, from automobiles to cartoon characters. The exhibit is sure to be famous among people of all ages, regardless of your level of interest in metal. 


The Gallery of Steel Figures is the first location in the world where recycled scrap metal is used to create steel sculptures. It takes anything from 1 to 8 months to complete each figurine. The statues of cars take the longest to complete by four artisans who can complete in 7,000 person-hours. 


Things to see in Gallery of Steel Figures

  • In the 1500-square-meter Prague Gallery, you may view more than 120 exhibitions. So play with your favorite characters, snap photographs, touch the figures, and get into the vehicles. 
  • You can also see Autorobots, Steel Man or the Hunter that were made of elements derived from recycling of steel scrap.
  • Check out Dozens of steel sculptures inspired by classic movies, comics and cartoon characters. 
  • It also has figurines of legends of cars and motorcycles that are exhibited at a 1:1 scale. 
  • Do you want to do something truly memorable? There is a gift shop inside where you may pick up some handcrafted steel figurines or a piece of jewelry manufactured by local artisans.
  • You can visit Charles Bridge after getting out of the gallery. Spanning the Vlatava river, this bridge makes for a beautiful location for a stroll and provides unparalleled views of the city. 
  • The Old Town Astronomical Clock in Prague, a technological marvel from the 15th century renowned worldwide, unquestionably ranks among the top ''must-see'' sights nearby. 
  • Visit Lodziarnia Quattro Si nearby which is an Italian cafe serving delicious cuisines.
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    2 hours

Address of Gallery of Steel Figures

Celetná 15, Staré Město, Czech Republic

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