Obecní Dům

Obecn Dům's is the Municipal House in Prague, one of the most significant Art Nouveau structures in Central Europe. It was constructed and embellished by some of the most important painters of the time in the Czech Republic, including the globally renowned Alfons Mucha. It was created in 1905 to represent Czech identity inside the Austro-Hungary locality and opened in 1912, overlooking Námst Republiky. 

The Municipal House now houses a street café, a French restaurant, a cocktail bar, a music hall, a ballroom, and a conference lounge. 

How to explore Obecn Dům? 

  • Visit the Municipal House to get a complete picture of the interior, particularly if you are interested in art or even Art Nouveau. There is undoubtedly great decadence and artistic magnificence within. You get access to various hallways and chambers during the tour that is off-limits to the general public.
  • You can dress up and attend classical concerts in the magnificent Smetana Hall of Obecní Dům. 
  • Its opulent café is worth a visit even if you don't want to see a performance because of the interior design. Gorge on some mouthwatering dishes at the cafe.
  • You can explore the cathedral during the day to view its magnificent stained glass windows, lovely sculptures, exquisite brickwork, and brilliant mosaics. It is also a sight to not miss but to behold in all its glamor. 
  • Go on a personalized walking tour of the city's Art Nouveau and Cubist buildings, and see Prague from a design standpoint. Learn about the city's old times around 1900, when Art Nouveau was not only a revolutionary new art form but also a general aesthetic. Moreover, it reflected the lifestyle of the upper classes at the time—the social elite indulged in cocktails, traveled on ocean liners, and unwinded with fashion magazines before World War I.
  • On a full-day bike tour of Prague, explore the entire city for a time, taking in the parks, Prague Castle, Old Town, and New Town. Learn about Prague's architecture, history, and culture along the route.
  • Check out a section of Prague's newest neighborhood, known as Nove Mesto in Czech, with its seemingly infinite and magnificent galleries that wind through the palaces like mazes. Next, you can see the aspects of communism, the history of St. Wenceslas, the Kingdom of Bohemia, and the Nazi invasion (i.e., the Prague Spring and the Velvet revolution), the Church of St. Mary of Tyn, the Basilica of St. James, and numerous medieval and baroque courts.
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    2 hours

Address of Obecní Dům

Náměstí Republiky 5, Staré Město, Czech Republic

Opening & Closing time of Obecní Dům

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