Prague Astronomical Clock

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The Old Town Hall is known to be the most prominent monuments in the Czech Republic. It is also evidenced by a number of historical interiors that have retained their original appearance to this day. This area of the Czech Republic's capital city has something for everyone: ancient structures, stunning architecture, hospitable inhabitants, lively lounges, fine-dining restaurants, and everything in between. 

The Astronomical Clock itself is a specimen not to miss. It was initially constructed in the fifteenth century and has undergone several repairs. As a result, it is sometimes regarded as the world's best-preserved clock. 


Things to do in Old Town Hall

  • One of Europe's most beautiful Gothic interiors is found in the Old Council Hall, which lies below Old Town Hall. This Romanesque portion of the Old Town Hall dates to the 12th century and has a network of medieval cellars. Check out the cellars and dig into an interesting past.
  • A large prismatic tower rising 70 meters in the corner of this area provides some of the best views of Prague's Old Town. The tower's front is adorned with an old astronomical clock from 1410. It has an elevator that takes you to the observation deck, a recent addition to the tower's interior. 
  • You can hear the Astronomical clock chime while exploring the neighborhood stores and mingling with people in Old Town Square. Arrange a day during your busy schedule to examine the gorgeous, functional clock's interior and exterior of the clock. 
  • The history of Prague includes a significant amount of Jewish culture. The Old Jewish Quarter and the Jewish Cemetery are two essential sites in this area that you must see since they have fascinating and passionate histories. 
  • There are several historic structures throughout the Prague Castle complex. However, the castle complex is more than ''simply'' a castle; it also houses several magnificent buildings, including churches and synagogues. 
  • One of the most attractive sites to visit here is undoubtedly Golden Lane. Cobblestone streets, wooden doors, brilliantly colored cottages, and softly lit lanterns are attractions that you will find here.
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Address of Prague Astronomical Clock

Staroměstské nám. 1, Czech Republic

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