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St. Nicholas Church in Prague is a Baroque church located in the Lesser Town district of Prague, Czech Republic. It was designed and constructed in the early 17th century by architect Christoph Dientzenhofer, and his son, Kilian Ignaz Dientzenhofer, was responsible for the interior ornamentation. The church is widely recognized as one of the city's most outstanding specimens of Baroque design.

The church's dome and bell tower, which can be seen from all throughout the Lesser Town, are its most distinctive architectural features from the outside. As lavish to its exterior are the church's interior frescoes, sculptures, and decorations. The huge fresco on the dome, depicting the Glory of St. Nicholas, is one of the most eye-catching aspects within.

The church has been renovated and restored numerous times over the centuries, most recently in the 1990s. The church is still used for worship today, but its remarkable acoustics have also made it a popular location for classical music performances.

How to explore St. Nicholas Church? 

- St. Nicholas Church, with its magnificent dome, bell tower, and intricate ornamentation, is widely regarded as one of the finest specimens of Baroque architecture in all of Prague. Spend some time looking at the interior and taking in the finer points of the construction.

- The walls and ceilings of the church's interior are covered in beautiful frescoes that are well worth a look. Take a moment to look up and appreciate the enormous fresco on the dome, which shows the Glory of St. Nicholas.

- The crypt beneath the church is where some notable people, notably the Lobkowicz family, are laid to rest. Enjoy a guided tour of the crypt to discover more about its history and significance.

- St. Nicholas Church is commonly used as a performance hall for classical music due to its renowned acoustics. Check out the schedule of forthcoming events and book tickets to a concert held here during your visit if you're interested in listening to music in a beautiful setting.

- St. Nicholas Church's bell tower offers a wonderful panorama of the surrounding area. Climb up the stairs of the bell tower to reach the summit, where you can see the mesmerizing sunsets and the roofs of Prague residences.

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Address of St Nicholas Church

Malostranské nám., Malá Strana, Czech republic

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