Al Sawan Camel Track

Ras al Khaimah is a stunning city, with miles of golden desert, stunning mountain peaks, and ancient archaeological sites, it’s the ideal spot for inquisitive travelers looking for a unique adventure. One of the most popular attractions in Ras al Khaimah is the Al Sawan Camel Track, a centuries-old tradition, and sentiment that’s just as beloved today as it was for generations of Bedouin tribesmen.

Learn about the history of Al Sawan Camel Track:

The Al Sawan Camel Track originated sometime around the period of the 13th century as a means of transportation in the region’s harsh terrain. The track became a major trading route as tribes and merchants moved goods, livestock, and people from place to place. The unique aspect of the track is that it takes riders to sites that are not accessible by car or any other mode of personal transport, which gives visitors a glimpse into the ancient culture and tradition of the region.

Things to do at the Al Sawan Camel Track:

Visitors to Al Sawan can enjoy an adventurous ride on a camel through the desert. Along the way, eager tourists can explore various traditional Bedouin natural habitats, including palm trees, dunes, and sabkha — a salt-encrusted desert ecosystem. Tourists can also appreciate the gray-green foliage and watch for camels and gazelles grazing peacefully on the desert floor. The tour to the track also provides uncommon wintering grounds for migratory birds, such as the desert wheatear and pallid harrier, which makes it a must-stop destination for birdwatchers.

In addition to the guided camel tour, at the track, Al Sawan also offers an array of cultural experiences and ways to appreciate the desert’s beauty. Cultural activities like sand art, weaving, and balancing on stilts are available for the whole family. Visitors can also learn about the traditional Bedouin lifestyle, customs, and cuisine. For those looking for a bit more adventure, there’s always the option of ATV rides or 4x4 desert drives, which involve exploring deep inside the stunning deserts of Ras al Khaimah.

If you're looking for a unique and unforgettable and memorable getaway, then a visit to Al Sawan Camel Track in Ras al Khaimah should certainly be on your list. Take in the stunning views, learn about the ancient Bedouin culture, and enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime experience on an unforgettable camel ride with your whole family.

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Address of Al Sawan Camel Track

MWFG+WM2 - Unnamed Road - Ras al Khaimah - United Arab Emirates

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