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Saint-Maclou Church, a Flamboyant example of the style from its time in France, is undoubtedly one of the most eye-catching churches in Rouen. It is located in the middle of Rouen's historic district amidst Norman's half-timbered homes.

Saint-Maclou (c.520-621), one of the 7 founder saints of Brittany, is the patron saint of this church. Saint-Malo, Brittany, which he named, is often referred to as Maclovious or Saint-Malo. A pre-church oratory stood there as early as the 10th century. As Rouen grew into a major metropolis, the Dukes of Normandy decided to construct a church in the city's center. As a result of Saint-reign, Saint-Maclou church was elevated to parish status. In 1840, the church of Saint-Maclou was designated a national historic landmark.

How to explore Église Saint Maclou?

- Located at the junction of the transept between the choir and the nave, a lantern tower with a spire from the 19th century is placed. The spire atop the lantern tower, which is itself a neo-Gothic construction topped by a rooster, reaches a height of 83 meters.

- In keeping up with Gothic tradition, the church's West front does not feature any towers. Instead, it tapers off into a beautiful pentagonal porch, with five gabled porches set in a semicircle below a rose window and a pyramid-like series of triangular lines.

- All three doors of the church are from the Renaissance era, depicting scenes from Christian mythology: Jesus' Baptism (left porch), the Good Shepherd (center porch), and the Virgin Mary's Assumption (right porch) (left porch).

- Take a look at the Renaissance fountain that has been installed in front of the church.

- The church's interior has a nave that has three bays and a height of 23 meters. Arcade, triforium, and clerestory are the three hallmarks of classical three-story elevations of the church. The ambulatory does not lead into one large chapel but rather into four smaller ones spread out in all directions.

- The church's arch of glory is another notable feature, along with the stained-glass windows from the 15th century and the confessionals from the 18th century.

- The Eastern Sacristy is a Neo-Renaissance pastiche whose marble columns are authentically migrated from Italy.

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Address of Eglise Saint Maclou

3 rue Eugene Dutuit St-Maclou, 76000, Rouen France

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