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The Sharjah Maritime Museum, sometimes referred to as the Maritime Museum in Sharjah, is a museum situated in the city of Sharjah, United Arab Emirates. With displays on traditional boat construction, pearl diving, and the influence of the water on people in the area, the museum is devoted to the nautical history of the area.

Traditional wooden boats and dhows, diving gear, and other antiquities, such as maps and navigational tools, are shown at the museum.

The museum also looks into the habits, attire, and houses of the people who formerly lived along the shore.

It strives to preserve the marine legacy of the area and provides visitors to Sharjah with an essential cultural and educational resource.


  1. View the exhibits: The museum's displays include traditional wooden boats and dhows, diving gear, and other objects illustrating the region's marine heritage.
  • Old-fashioned wooden boats and dhows: Tourists may see old-fashioned wooden boats and dhows that were once used for pearl diving and fishing.
  • Helmets, weights, and air pumps are among the diving gear that pearl divers use on display in the museum.
  • Maps and navigational aids: The museum features a collection of old maps and navigational aids used by sailors.
  • Visitors may view artifacts and artifacts relating to maritime commerce, including ceramics, textiles, and metals, which were formerly exchanged by ships.
  • Models of ships and boats: The museum features replicas of regionally relevant traditional ships and boats.

2. Presentations on audio-visual media: The museum features a presentation on audio-visual media that gives a general overview of the area's maritime history and emphasizes the sea's significance to the local population.

3. Interactive activities: The museum provides hands-on opportunities for visitors to learn about traditional boat construction methods and navigation.

4. Workshops: The museum could provide classes on traditional boat construction, navigation, or pearl diving connected to the region's nautical heritage. The museum offers a library and research facilities for students and academics.

5. Outdoor activities: Visitors may stroll around the neighborhood to observe the traditional boats and dhows up close.

6. Cultural Events: The museum may hold cultural events, including musical and dance performances, storytelling sessions, and other occasions to promote local traditions.

7. Library and archives: The museum has a library and archives that are filled with books, papers, maps, and other items about the area's maritime history. The museum personnel can help researchers with their studies by providing access to the library and archives and details on pertinent exhibits and artifacts.

8. Academic talks and gatherings: The museum may offer academic talks and conferences on subjects linked to the history of the sea, allowing scholars to present their discoveries to peers.

9. Merchandise store: The museum offers a merchandise store where guests may buy traditional crafts, literature, and other maritime-related products.

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Address of Maritime Museum

Al Khan - Sharjah - United Arab Emirates

Opening & Closing time of Maritime Museum

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