Lone Elk Park

Lone Elk Park is a nature reserve and wildlife sanctuary located in the US state of Missouri. The park covers over 540 acres and is home to a variety of native wildlife, including elk, bison, deer, and wild turkey. Lone Elk Park is a great destination for nature lovers and wildlife enthusiasts; it offers a unique and unforgettable outdoor experience in the heart of St. Louis.

Visitors to Lone Elk Park can explore the park's scenic trails, which wind through wooded areas and open fields. Along the way, visitors can observe the park's resident wildlife up close and in their natural habitat. Different observation areas are located throughout the park so that visitors can stop and observe the animals without disturbing them.

One of the highlights of Lone Elk Park is the elk and bison enclosure, where visitors can see these majestic animals up close. The enclosure is accessible via a scenic drive through the park, which offers stunning views of the surrounding landscape.

In addition to its wildlife, Lone Elk Park also offers a variety of recreational activities for visitors to enjoy, including picnicking, fishing, and hiking. There are several picnic areas located throughout the park, as well as a large fishing lake stocked with a variety of fish. It is a perfect choice for a day trip or weekend getaway.

Things to do at Lone Elk Park

  • Wildlife Viewing: One of the main attractions of Lone Elk Park is the opportunity to see a variety of native wildlife in their natural habitat. Visitors can drive through the park and observe animals such as elk, bison, deer, wild turkey, and other small mammals.

  • Hiking: There are several hiking trails in Lone Elk Park that allow visitors to explore the park's natural beauty and wildlife. These trails range from easy to moderate and offer beautiful views of the surrounding landscape.

  • Fishing: Lone Elk Park has a large fishing lake stocked with a variety of fish. Visitors can fish from the banks or rent a boat to explore the lake.

  • Picnicking: The park has several picnic areas equipped with tables and grills. Visitors can enjoy a meal while taking in the scenic views of the park.

  • Photography: Lone Elk Park provides a great opportunity for nature photography. Visitors can capture stunning photos of wildlife, scenic views, and beautiful landscapes.
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    3 hours

Address of Lone Elk Park

1 Lone Elk Park Rd, Valley Park, MO 63088, USA

Opening & Closing time of Lone Elk Park

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