La Petite France

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The Ill River runs through Petite France, making it a miniature Venice. It comprises colorful half-timbered houses neatly lining cobblestone streets and walkways alongside a peaceful canal.


  • Admire the breadth of architectural knowledge that this location is known for:

The district is spread across a fantastic delta formed by the river's five arms, and they resemble the fingers of a hand attempting to grab the entire city from above. With its old-fashioned paving stones, the street transports you to another era.

  • At Square Benjamin Zix, take in the scenery:

From the shade of the plane trees on this square, which is very lively in the summer, you'll get beautiful views of the river and a fantastic set of half-timbered houses. The Maison des Tanneurs (House of Tanners) is the site's crown jewel, lavishly decorated with geraniums from spring to autumn.

  • Take a stroll along its quays and marvel at the reflections of its colorful facades:

Rue du Bain-aux-Plantes is accessible from Place Benjamin Zix Square and features a collection of remarkably homogeneous half-timbered houses. Each house on this former tanners' street is white, emphasizing the various shapes and sizes of half-timbering and an additional, mostly open roof designed to dry animal skins.

  • Cross the bridges for postcard-perfect views full of charm, and snap some great souvenir photos:

The Pont du Faisan, also known as the 'Pont Tournant' by the locals, is located at the end of Rue du Bain-aux-Plantes (the swiveling bridge).

This small and discreet footbridge commands the attention of all passers-by.

Saint-Martin Bridge, a stone bridge with two arches and a single column, is nearby. Don't miss the view of the mills, dams, and locks from there, as well as a charming little waterside terrace.

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67000 Strasbourg, France

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