Green Mountain Park

Green Mountain Park is one of the city's most beautiful parks and a well-known leisure destination because its stunning landscapes feature waterfalls, artificial lakes, and dancing fountains. Everyone in the family and people of all ages can enjoy it.

Because of its convenient position was first used as a military command center before becoming a well-liked tourist destination. This vantage location was specifically picked for its stunning surroundings and spectacular views down into the vast valleys below.


  • This traditional theme park in Taif will make you incredibly nostalgic about your youth. Although you won't find any spectacular coasters or gravity-defying rides here, there are plenty of classic carnival rides, including a kid-friendly carousel, a giant Ferris wheel, and other head-spinning fun rides.
  • Enjoy the views of Lake Sadd and the surrounding hills after you enjoy the amenities of the park, including kid-friendly activities, fine dining, upscale shopping, a bowling alley, an arcade, and watersports.
  • In addition to the Egyptian theatre, Italian cinema, and numerous locations for families to stay, The Green Mountain also features playgrounds for kids and adults, a sizable shopping mall, and a wide variety of culinary outlets serving fast food and drinks.
  • The mountain is also referred to as ''Jabal Thera'' because of the green lights and greenery that cover it. The climate on the hill is also fantastic, especially in a place like Saudi Arabia, where the desert heat can be excruciating. The mountain is consistently cool in summer and moderate in winter due to its elevation of about 2,000 meters and the fact that cold winds blow in from the Red Sea, bringing in cool air over the escarpment.
  • Either you can climb the mountain on foot or take a cable car to the mountain park to experience the valley's spectacular natural splendor. The cable car ride is more enjoyable in the evening when the city is illuminated, creating a stunning scene.
  • If you want to pass this time leisurely and have fun, you can take a special tour of the resort's lakes in Taif and enjoy paddling on the water. With more than 1500 meters, the Toboggan ride is the longest of its kind on the globe. It takes you through the route where you can enjoy a distinctive and exhilarating experience around the Park's road. There are many plains and highlands throughout the route.
  • Pro Tip: Every day after 2 pm, the mountain is open to visitors who have to pay an admission fee of 20 riyals. The benefit of this entrance fee is that you can use your money to purchase food at any of the nearby eateries.
  • imageDuration Required
    2 hours

Address of Green Mountain Park

Alhada Road, Taif Saudi Arabia

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