The Cité de l'espace, a theme park that combines entertainment and education, was established to provide answers to the following inquiries regarding space technology and exploration: All of these topics are addressed by the Cité de l'espace through an excellent selection of interactive displays, features, and a packed events schedule. The Cité de l'espace, which is supported by the leading figures in Toulouse's scientific, industrial, and academic communities, is situated in one of Europe's key aerospace hubs.

Everyone has aspirations of cosmic exploration. Without ever leaving the earth, it is now possible to realize this long-standing human dream thanks to Toulouse's Cité de l'Espace space museum. It provides guests with novel, one-of-a-kind experiences that take them beyond the boundaries of the Earth.

By examining the displays and using the artifacts in the exhibition halls, you may learn about and comprehend the space inside. A real chunk of moon rock is available for you to hold, and a simulator lets you walk on the moon. Explore the cosmos' wonders in the newest planetarium, experience space exploration on the massive screen of the Imax theater, and speak with a forecaster from the Météo-France meteorological agency who will fill you in on weather and satellites.

Outside, astronomy enthusiasts will find more breathtaking surprises. View life-size reproductions of spacecraft, such as the 53-meter-tall Ariane 5 rocket, in the 4 hectares of gardens. Either the Soyuz spacecraft or the Mir space station is accessible. In the gyro-extreme, feel what astronauts feel, or use the large telescope to view the heavenly vault.

There are designated spaces for kids, such as the Stellarium, where they can learn about the solar system, have fun identifying the planets, and navigate by star-gazing. Alternatively, they can don a spacesuit and spend the night standing in the tiny astronauts' square.

Become an expert in cosmonauts, astronauts, and taikonauts. Immerse yourself in the ISS Space Station, Hubble, the culinary preferences of French, American, and Russian people, and the Soyuz spacecraft. Try out weightlessness, spin around in a gyroscope, and discover what satellites are and how GPS functions.

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    3 hours

Address of Cite de l'espace

Route Jean Gonord, Toulouse, France

Opening & Closing time of Cite de l'espace

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