Gulliver Park

This enormous, 70-meter-long attraction features Gulliver from the well-known Jonathan Swift novel Gulliver Travels. One of the most well-liked playgrounds in the city, this is great for you and your family's activity in Valencia. The Turia Gardens rely on this park to drain rainfall, which is more than just a playground for kids.


Learn about the unique layout oft he place:

Designed to resemble a gigantic stylized Gulliver, this surrealistic play area is so big that children and adults can climb over it and slide down it. The building has numerous stairways and slides concealed in the concrete folds of his garments and all around his enormous frame.

Even the strands of Gulliver's hair are enormous slides thanks to the park's sleeping colossus' enormous size

Discover new ways of playing hide and seek here:

Gulliver is a massive, nearly seventy-meter-long, nine-meter-tall figure pinned to the ground and immobile in the park that bears his name.

There are many ways to get up and down steps, ramps, quick slides, and exciting ropes throughout the collapsed behemoth.

Visitors can reenact the famous literary scene from Gulliver's Travels as the eponymous figure is restrained by terrified Lilliputians who crawl all over him to tame the 'giant' at the Parque Gulliver in Spain.

As a result, while enjoying this unique sight, the children stand in for the tiny Lilliputians. Well, the children and many parents are ready to relive their youth and enjoy this unique park in the world.

Soak in the underlying views from the vantage point:

In a meta-flourish, there is a small model of the reclining Gulliver park so that visitors can have an idea of what the location looks like from above, and Gulliver's towering hat is off to the side of the playground as though casually discarded by his side.

Spend a lazy afternoon here and carry your picnic baskets to stay for a long:

Valencia's greenest and most attractive location is ideal for picnics.

The park is completed with amusing benches positioned provocatively so that you might imitate Gulliver and remain to lie down as well as a vending machine area.

  • imageDuration Required
    1 hour 30 minutes

Address of Gulliver Park

Jardín del Turia 46023 Valencia, Spain

Opening & Closing time of Gulliver Park

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  • Sunday

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