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Those who have had the magnificent Fallas experience know that on March 19th night, all of the Fallas are burned in the customary cremá and leave us with their ashes and various experiences. An opportunity to examine in depth all the finest elements of a festival named Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO in 2016 is provided by a museum that brings them all together.


Study the various exhibits that account for preservation and honor:

If you can't visit Valencia during the Fallas Festival, the Museo Fallero de Valencia is the ideal place to learn about the festival any time of year.

In the museum, you can observe every person who has been saved from the flames since 1934, along with the two privileged ninots (the figurines that make up the Falla monument) who survive the fire each year. They are known as ninots indultats. Today, among the candidates chosen by the fallers mayores (chairwomen) of each of the 800 fallas planted in Valencia, they are chosen by popular vote.

Embrace the indigenous art that flourished here and became synonymous with the place:

The Fallero Museum also serves as an invitation to learn about the construction of one of these ninots. And to understand how they have evolved, from the originals made of wax to the modern versions constructed of eco-friendly materials.

It is also possible to see the incredible progress of the methods used to assemble the enormous fallas, compare the graphic development of the festival announcement posters, and look at images of fallas that have received the top honors in a festival-turned-contest.

Uncover other sites that serve the same interests:

The Museo del Gremio Artesano de Artistas Falleros, which immerses us in the ancient crafts that give the Fallas their vitality and collects the pardoned fire figures according to their artistic worth, is another place that should be visited.

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Address of Museu Faller de València

Plaça de Montolivet, 4, 46006 València, Spain

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