Palacio del Marques de Dos Aguas

The Marques de Dos Aguas Palace is an eclectic palace both on the inside and outside and is widely regarded as one of the finest specimens of Baroque architecture in all of Spain.

You can examine the architecture of a historic structure in Valencia by going to the Palacio del Marqués de Dos Aguas. This building dates back to the 15th century and is part of the city's history. Discover one of the most impressive collections of ceramics in Valencia after appreciating the Rococo and neoclassical architecture that comprises this historic palace.


Understand the artistic and architectural inspirations for civilization study:

It was originally constructed in the late 1490s in the Gothic style, but in the 18th century, it was redone in the Baroque style. The structure's exterior features an intriguing combination of ornate and Churrigueresque elements, the latter of which is responsible for giving the Palace its name. The consequences of combining architecture and decoration in this way may be observed in several different buildings throughout Valencia; nevertheless, the results are stunningly gorgeous.

It was later redeveloped in the 18th and 19th centuries when it became a museum.

As you get closer to the palace, take some time to admire its facade, which features a unique fusion of Rococo, Neoclassical, and Oriental architectural elements. Take note also of the gates that decorate the great entry in the Baroque style.

You can access the ground level of the palace as well as the Courtyard of Carriages through a small terrace. You can see below examples of the carriages and chariots that Valencia's nobility utilized in their daily lives. One of these is the chariot that belonged to the Marquis de Dos Aguas and was known as La Carroza de las Ninfas.

Connect the dots of what the lifestyle was like in the olden days as you explore the alleys:

Proceed up the stairs to the palace's first floor, where you can investigate the various rooms. The palace's history as an aristocratic home may be pieced together thanks to the original furnishings and decorations. There is a big Ballroom, a Chinese Room with oriental decor, and a kitchen almost entirely made of ceramics; you shouldn't miss them.

Unravel the wealth of ceramic art housed here:

Display cases filled with ceramics that are part of the palace's collection may be found in each of the rooms. Examine the development of pottery from ancient times, such as the Iberian, Greek, and Roman periods to more contemporary styles. In 1954, a local scholar and artist named Manuel González Mart constructed a museum out of his collection of ceramics that he had been amassing over the years.

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Palacio del Marques de Dos Aguas

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