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Cannaregio, one of Venice's six sestieri, is located in the city's northern quadrant. The name comes from the origin - it could refer to the huge number of canneti (cane fields) that once covered the area, or it could be derived from the Regio Canal, which connected the lake to the Grand Canal and through the sestieri. One of Venice's liveliest neighborhoods, Cannaregio attracts both international tourists and locals with its authentic atmosphere.

How to explore Cannaregio?

  • Visit the Colour Library, housed in the old Orsoni Furnace. It is home to over 3,500 different shades of Venetian Smalti (colored opaque glass) that have been used to create breathtaking mosaics all over the globe. By signing up for one of Orsoni's free guided tours, you immerse yourself in a rainbow of hues.
  • The Strada Nova is a popular souvenir shopping street and is considered to be Venice's most recognizable landmark. This street has everything you need to locate the perfect present, from boutiques selling handmade goods to luxury designer wear.
  • Stop into Frito Inn for some authentic Venetian fritoìn while you are out shopping on the Strada Nuova. A fritoìn is a true Venetian classic, a paper-filled cone of fried fresh seafood paired with an ombre (small glass) of white wine.
  • The Teatro Italia, which was first a theater and later was used for movies, now houses a modish supermarket. Pizzas, focaccias, and wine are presented in a picturesque setting here, complete with a towering ceiling, detailed murals, and a hidden stage behind the cured meats.
  • Pay a visit to Venetian Ghetto to discover 500 years of Jewish history. The Ghetto, which was once a foundry, became the de facto concentration camp where Jews in Venice were kept under constant surveillance for their faith. Explore the neighborhood in search of three 'secret' synagogues, or sign up for a tour at the Jewish Museum.
  • Gorge on kosher treats in the neighborhood, which is full of eateries serving authentic Jewish fare.
  • Explore the narrowest lane of Venice - Calle Varisco. This lane is barely 53cm (21in) across and topped by tiny arches. Despite the picturesque appearance, this Calle is associated with a terrifying urban legend. It is said that if a murderer tries to stroll along the street, the walls will steadily move closer together until he or she is crushed.
  • One of the nicest places to spend an evening in Venice is Fondamenta Ormesini. This place provides a glimpse into traditional Venetian life.
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Venice, Italy

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