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Hofburg's Kaiserliche Schatzkammer contains secular and ecclesiastical treasures, including devotional images and altars, particularly from the baroque era of priceless value and splendor. In the most important treasury in the world, two imperial crowns, the Burgundy treasure and the treasure of the Order of the Golden Fleece, are kept. The sheer wealth of this collection of these crown jewels is staggering to witness. 

The crown of the Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation is the highlight of the collection. It was created in the second half of the 10th century. For Centuries, the emperors of the empire were crowned with it. The octagonal crown has a high symbolic character and is provided with numerous biblical allusions.

The second important crown of the Imperial Treasury housed here is the Austrian imperial crown. It was made in 1602 as a private crown for Emperor Rudolf II (1552-1612). From 1804, she functioned as the crown of the newly created Austrian Empire. However, this Austrian emperor was never given the privilege of this adorning crown.

How to explore Kaiserliche Schatzkammer Wein?

  • A golden rose, diamond-encrusted Turkish sabers, a 2680-carat Colombian emerald, and the imperial crown are just a few of the unique artifacts on display as you make your way through the treasury. 
  • The Holy Lance that wounded Jesus on the Cross, a sliver of the True Cross, a nail from the Cross, a thorn from Christ's crown, and a scrap of the tablecloth from the Last Supper are just a few of the priceless holy relics housed in the Sacred Treasury.
  • Burgundy treasure from the 15th century Century and the treasure of the Order of the Golden Fleece (of the Habsburg House Order) can also be seen there. 
  • One of the largest emeralds in the world and many other richly decorated pieces of secular and spiritual power can be seen as well as two 'inalienable heirlooms of the House of Austria.' These were designated as huge narwhal tooth, which was thought to be a unicorn and a late antique agate bowl, which was considered the legendary Holy Grail.
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Address of Imperial Treasury Vienna

Hofburg, Schweizerhof, 1010 Vienna, Austria

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