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The Peterskirche in Vienna, Austria, is a Baroque Roman Catholic parish church in the tranquil center of Petersplatz square. Its construction in the 17th century was considered as the city's first example of baroque architectural style. Ancient structures from the 18th and 19th centuries line the area around it. Similarly styled to its more famous Roman predecessor, it is also dedicated to the Holy Trinity.

Due to area constraints, it was constructed in a compressed oval shape with a surprisingly large interior and rectangular appendages. In the church, the interior is lavishly decorated with gold stucco. Take pictures in front of the church and in the plaza. Also, try to capture a fiaker, one of Vienna's traditional horse-drawn carriages, in the background. 

The Peterskirche, with a high altar and niches (small chapels) under its oval dome, conceals a surprising amount of Baroque splendor. 

How to explore Peterskirche? 

  • A Baroque organ, constructed in 1751, can be seen opposite the main altar.
  • Check out the cupola fresco that depicts the coronation of the Virgin Mary. 
  • The triumphal arch bears the imperial coat of arms of Leopold I. It's a stunning representation! 
  • Admire the depictions of the four Evangelists and the Fathers of the Church in the dome's spandrels. 
  • Take note of the pulpit, which features some embellishment beyond that of a standard wooden stand. 
  • The Holy Spirit/Trinity is represented by a dove perched atop the little tower of windows in the center of the dome. The emblem appears to glow when lit from within when sunlight enters the tower. You will feel the divinity of the emblem whenever you look at it in the sunlight. 
  • Check out the paintings that trick the eye into thinking the building is larger than it actually is, such as the fake dome that sits atop the main altar. 
  • In addition, you can also take a peek at the enormous portraits that round the base of the dome are painted projections onto the stonework, giving the images an illusion of depth. 
  • Organ recitals, choral performances, operas, and other events are also held at Peterskirche, either in the main church or in the vaults below. Try to make it to one of them to get a taste of Austrian life.
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Address of Peterskirche

Peterspl. 1, 1010 Vienna, Austria

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