St. Stephen's Cathedral

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The cathedral of St. Stephen stands as a symbol of Austria's cultural heritage. During the 12th century, construction began and is now Austria's most notable Gothic building today. St. Stephen's Cathedral had extensive renovations throughout the centuries, all the way into the Baroque era. 

St. Stephen's Cathedral, the largest and grandest of Vienna's churches, is a national treasure. The cathedral is open 365 days a year and plays host to a wide variety of events, including the ever-popular Christmas Concerts. As one of Vienna's most visited attractions, it receives more than a million visitors annually and offers a variety of English-language guided tours. 

How to explore St. Stephen's Cathedral? 

  • There are four separate towers in the cathedral. The southern tower stands at 136.44 meters, making it the tallest. These pillars portray stories of Christian saints, with numerous stoic stone faces staring down from the walls. 
  • A late-Gothic pulpit, a marvel in stonework, is just one of the many creative delights found in the cathedral's sumptuous design. 
  • The Maria Pötsch Icon, a Byzantine-style depiction of the Virgin Mary and Jesus, is one of the cathedral's most prized possessions. 
  • There are 343 stairs leading up to the tower room, which offers a breathtaking panorama of Vienna. 
  • There are 13 bells in total in this cathedral. The north tower of St. Stephen's Cathedral is 68.3 meters high and houses the Pummerin, the cathedral's most famous bell. Its size makes it the second largest church bell in Europe, with the ability to ring freely. 
  • The Royal and Imperial double-headed eagle, as well as the coat of arms of the city of Vienna, were created on the top of St. Stephen's Cathedral using multicolored roof tiles. 
  • The cathedral has 18 altars on the lower levels, but the High Altar, which depicts the stoning of Saint Stephen, is the focal point. 
  • Relics adorned with gold and precious stones, monstrances, liturgical texts, publications, and costumes are just some of the spectacular cathedral wealth that can be viewed. 
  • Go to the catacombs and see the tombs of the cardinals and archbishops of Vienna.
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Address of St. Stephen's Cathedral

Stephansplatz 3, 1010 Vienna, Austria

Opening & Closing time of St. Stephen's Cathedral

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