State Hall of the Austrian National Library

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One of the most stunning library halls in the world is the State Hall, which serves as the center of the Austrian National Library. It is the most extensive Baroque library in all of Europe. The Hofburg imperial residence's old Court Library was built in the first part of the 18th century as a private wing before being transformed into this library. Nearly 20 meters high and 80 meters long, the library's majestic state hall is topped by a dome that is brilliantly frescoed.

Here, more than 200,000 books, from 1501 to 1850, are on display. Additionally, it has one of the biggest collections of Martin Luther's writings from the Reformation Era and the extensive library of Prince Eugene of Savoy. Two beautiful Venetian baroque globes, one for the earth and one for the sky, each measuring more than one meter in diameter, are on display. Every year, 330,000 people from all around the world visit the State Hall.

How to explore the State Hall of the Austrian National Library?

  • - The interior is three-part, with two side wings and an oval cupola chamber. The pillars of Hercules, which are two enormous pairs of columns that present Charles VI's motto, "Constantia et Fortitudine," separate the wings.
  • - All volumes have been digitally preserved and are available for free reading on the library's online catalog. Here, two to three exhibitions featuring special Austrian National Library assets are organized each year.
  • - In the cupola, a gallery of academics represents the sciences of the early 18th century.
  • - A cupola fresco that is several square meters in size may be seen in the Gigapixel. It is 30 meters high, and the visitor may view it from several perspectives. This three-dimensional spatial sensation can only be partially replicated digitally, which is why some of the figures in this show are upside down.
  • - More than 150 original exhibits from local, national, and worldwide collections are shown in the library's "300 Years of Freemasons" display, which explores the history of this enigmatic order.
  • - More than 160 illustrations, some of which have never been seen before, draw attention to the vast range of facets that make up the life of Empress Maria Theresa.

Address of State Hall of the Austrian National Library

Josefsplatz 1, 1010 Vienna, Austria

Opening & Closing time of State Hall of the Austrian National Library

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State Hall of the Austrian National Library