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Deep within the subcontinent is a place with many secrets hidden from view by its largely undiscovered topography. Here, uncover the countless mysteries of the legendary land of the Chambal National Sanctuary. The Vindhayan mountains in M.P. are where the Chambal River originates. After that, it flows through Rajasthan, M.P., and U.P. states before meeting the Yamuna in the U.P.'s Etawah district. Its extensive biodiversity led to its designation as a National Sanctuary in 1979. Its overall territory spans the three states of M.P., Rajasthan, and U.P. Many aquatic and land birds can be found in the Chambal area. It is the last remaining refuge for some of the most critically endangered wildlife in the country, such as the Gharial, Mugger, Turtles, Otter, and freshwater dolphins. When the Gharial population nearly vanished from the country in the 1970s due to widespread poaching and overfishing, a captive breeding and restoration program was started here. It has been determined that 290 distinct species of migratory and resident birds are distributed between the districts of Agra and Etawah. The refuge is best visited in the winter, and a boat trip over its calm waters at this time of year is a thrilling outing with breathtaking views of the enormous reptiles basking along the 180 kilometers. Shiny sand is spread out in the early morning sunlight. However, the flamingos, who arrive in November and stay through May, are undoubtedly the Santurary's main attraction. The Ruddy Shelduck also comes earlier in September and lasts until May. Indian Skimmers have built enormous colonies and frequently reproduced in this refuge. There is a wide range of animals, and the Chambal Sanctuary is the only place where some of them may be found.

  • Water Animals at the National Chambal Sanctuary The river is home to more than 30 distinct fish species, eight different types of tortoises, marsh crocodiles, smooth-coated otters, and the highly endangered Gangetic dolphin, also known as the National Aquatic Animal.

  • Birds at the National Chambal Sanctuary Numerous well-known Indian skimmers breed in the park, which is home to them. In the winter, it becomes a birdwatcher's paradise with over 300 species of resident and migrating birds to witness. Common teal, northern pintail, sarus crane, black-bellied tern, and red-crested pochard are some other species that can be seen in this area. This wetland is, therefore, the best place to see birds.

  • Other creatures There is an abundance of fauna to observe, including the golden jackal, chinkara, wild boar, Indian wolf, etc., in addition to the abundant bird population. A boat safari is the most significant way to visit the refuge because you may view a variety of birds and aquatic animals there. An enjoyable experience in and of itself, a boat trip offers a distinctive location for wildlife tours and photography.
  • imageDuration Required
    5 hours

Address of National Chambal Sanctuary NCS

Nandgaon Ghat, Jaitpur, Tehsil Bah, District Agra, UP, Agra 283114 India

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National Chambal Sanctuary NCS

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