Za'abal Castle

In the Al-Jouf region of northern Saudi Arabia, in the city of Sakaka, is a castle called Za'abal Fort. The Za'abal Fort is 900 years old and was allegedly built before Islam. It comprises a stone and clay-built wall with four towers at each corner. The route leading up to the castle is narrow and twisty.

Because of the strength of its defenses and how challenging it is to get there, this castle has served as the city's guardian for a long time. Castle legends claim that it resisted invasions that sought to destroy it because of its strategic value.

How to explore Za'abal Castle?

  • The existing building consists of a wall, four watchtowers, and a water reservoir. It is thought to have been constructed 200 years ago. Although the wells are closed to the general public for safety reasons, they are large enough for individuals to stroll through.
  • Sisra Well, cut out of the rock and dates to the Nabataean Period, is located next to the fort. However, there are stairs to descend inside the well. The well's bottom has an aperture that aids in the water's flow to the entire city.
  • The well's underground tunnel connects the Al-Qasr and Al-Laqa'et areas at its conclusion.
  • Prince Mountain, which has inscriptions and rock charges, is located on the mountain's west side. If you are an archeologist, you will find these inscriptions interesting.
  • It has a commanding perspective of the city due to its position at the highest point in the vicinity.
  • You can find some less renovated mud/adobe homes at the base of the fort. Explore these tiny mud houses, which give you a glimpse into how the people used to live in this region.
  • Have coffee and other snacks in the adjacent Ta'aleel cafe, which has a beautiful garden to relax.

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    3 hours

Address of Za'abal Castle

Al Dalaa, Zaabal Castle, Palestine Street, District, Sakaka, Al Jowf 72311 Saudi Arabia

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